Internship (Water, Security and Gender)

UNU Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU‐INWEH)

Hamilton, ON, CA

Background: UNU‐INWEH is working to support national governments to accelerate progress on Sustainable Development Goal 6 – the ‘water goal’. However, SDG 6 is ambitious, in the sense that it covers several critical water‐related themes but achieving many of those themes will be challenging.   Gender in sustainable, water‐related development is critical to ensure equity and ‘leave no‐one behind’. However, SDG 6 deals relatively poorly with gender.  Although one target – SDG 6.2 – specifically mentions the needs of women and girls, the indicator for that target does not, which means that countries will not be reporting on this important component. Many of the methodologies that are currently available to guide the implementation of the water security agenda and measurement of SDG 6 write that gender will be dealt with through an emphasis on disaggregated data. However, in general these will be inadequate to ensure gendered equity across SDG 6. UNU‐INWEH has developed a SDG Policy Support Tool that may support better gender mainstreaming into national enabling environments related to SDG policy.

Internship Requirements:
  • A final year undergraduate student or a postgraduate student or recent degree holder  
Intern Responsibilities (List of Tasks and Outputs):
  • Conduct a literature review to identify the state of gender mainstreaming into SDG 6 and the aspects of water security that make up the targets of SDG 6, and approaches for addressing these challenges.
  • Prepare a written report on the results of the literature review, and then draft an outline of how the SDG Policy Support System can answer some of the challenges uncovered in the literature review.  
  • Prepare a presentation on the report, with identification of specific examples of challenges and solutions in the water security and SDG 6 context. 
Position Requirements: 
  • Good understanding of global water issues and global gender issues in international development
  • Experience in conducting literature and/or systematic reviews
  • Fluent in oral and written English; knowledge of any other UN official languages is an advantage
Position Desirables:
  • An understanding of water management and water security concepts and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Knowledge of French and/or Spanish desirable  
Duration and Start Date:
  • The duration of internship is at least 3 months (full-time), which may be extended to 6 months depending on the need and work progress.
  • The internship is expected to start at a mutually agreed date in May 2018.