SDG Support Programme: Communications

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Stockholm, , SE

Terms of Reference

19 February 2018

Proposed dates: Flexible

Supervisors: Joshua Newton (Senior Network Officer), Molly Robbins (Programme Officer)


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network with over 3,000 Partner organisations in 178 countries. Founded in 1996, the network has 86 Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships.

GWP’s vision is a water secure world. To realise this vision GWP supports countries to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development. This is pursued by promoting Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), a cross-sectoral policy approach designed to replace the traditional, fragmented sectoral approach that has led to poor services and unsustainable resource use. As a means to achieving long-term impact towards water security, GWP seeks to influence water governance processes through the promotion of IWRM principles. Policy development, strategic planning, legislative change, investment planning and transboundary agreements are examples of such processes and it is here that GWP actively contributes both inside and outside the ‘water box’ at the global, regional, national and subnational levels.

An internship with GWP offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in sustainable development, and water governance in particular, to gain exposure to the operations of a network organization that extends from actors at the global level to activities at the regional and national levels.

Main tasks

1. Support to the Sustainable Development Goals IWRM Action Programme (SDG6-AP)

The United Nations post-2015 Development Agenda was adopted by Member States at the UN General Assembly in September 2015. GWP is committed to support implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 6, which is dedicated to
water. To help countries implement the SDGs, GWP set up a SDG IWRM Action Programme (SDG6-AP)

The goal of the GWP SDG6-AP is to support countries in their commitment to the post-2015 Development Agenda through practical support for a rapid start to implementing SDG 6 and other water-related SDGs. The Programme consists of three components:

  • Country-level projects designed to foster an enabling environment for SDG 6 monitoring, reporting, and implementation in line with specific country needs (the SDG 6 Preparedness Facility)
  • Consultative country-level workshops to collect baseline data for SDG 6.5.1 (IWRM)
  • Coordination and support at global and regional levels, including knowledge exchange and facilitation of South-South collaboration

The intern will support the SDG-PF through:

  • Support in project management and progress tracking of current SDG-PF country projects
  • Support in developing a process for a second round of SDG-PF country projects,
  • Support in development and implementation of global support components of the SDG6-AP, including resource mobilization and partnerships development
  • Support in developing communications and outreach materials for different audiences
  • Support national-level workshops related to SDG 6 monitoring
  • Assist in SDG target mapping and research

2. Support to the Communications Unit

The intern will also support the collaboration between the SDG team and the Communications Unit. Potential tasks include:

  • Developing communications materials for the SDG 6 Action Campaign
  • Generating material for the SDG 6 Programme website

Working terms

GWP will provide the intern with office space (shared), internet connection, a notebook and all necessary literature needed to fulfil his/her tasks. The intern will also attend regular staff meetings (scheduled every second Tuesday). In addition, the supervisors will conduct weekly review meetings with the intern.

GWP has also developed a programme to encourage Interns to enhance their social and learning experience through extracurricular activities such as Career Talks and Lunches with Staff Members.

Requirements Interns accepted in the GWP Internship Programme must:

1. Be enrolled in an educational programme at the time of application and during the internship
2. Meet all expenses for travel and any expenses beyond the provided stipend, through financial support from their educational institution, government, scholarships or through personal resources
3. Have adequate medical and accident insurances


  • Interest in water resources management, any of GWP’s overall focus areas (particularly SDGs and/or youth), and/or other environmental sustainability issues. Knowledge of the 2030 Development Agenda and integrated water resources management is an advantage.
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and as part of a team.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Fluency in English is a requirement. Other languages are an advantage.
  • Strong computer skills including internet navigation and Microsoft Office suite.
  • Research and writing experience.
  • Experience with communications, marketing, and/or fundraising

Application procedure Interested students should send their applications to [email protected] no later than 6 March 2018. Please include “SDG 6 – Communications” in the subject heading. All applications should include the following:

  • Cover Letter with an introduction of the applicant and their area of interest
  • Resume/CV
  • Indication of desired time frames for the internship

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Conditions of the internship

The internship is based at the GWP Global Secretariat in Stockholm, Sweden. The internship period can vary in duration depending on the student’s availability and the tasks assigned, with the expectation that the internship last 3 or 4 months with the possibility of an extension.

GWP offers interns a travel card to cover travel within the Stockholm area. GWP offers no remuneration or any other financial support to meet expenses for travel, subsistence or health/accident insurance.

By accepting an internship offered by GWP, the intern will also accept that there is no possibility of employment at the end of his/her internship and for the six months immediately following the end of the internship.

Internship Agreement Interns accepted will sign an agreement specifying the duration and the tasks for the internship, the supervisor/coach as well as the requirements GWP has relating to Confidentiality, Intellectual Property Rights, Insurance and Waiver of claims.

Before the internship agreement is signed GWPO shall be provided with proof of medical and accident insurance.