Research Associate (Hydrological/Mathematical Modeller) via Top Career

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Wallingford, , GB


The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Research Associates’ Programme is an initiative which is intended to offer individuals the opportunity to gain practical experience of working within a Research Institute, whilst acquiring specialist and wider skills that will be valuable in a range of careers. The programme is aimed particularly at those who have recently completed postgraduate studies, but is open to individuals from other backgrounds. Individuals will work on highly topical research projects, both important for future research within the environmental research community and appropriate to their backgrounds. Research Associates are given specific, measurable objectives which will be intended to develop their skills as a researcher and to demonstrate their suitability for a research career. We are offering a comprehensive 3-year Research Associate traineeship within the Hydrological Modelling & Risks Group of CEH Wallingford. The role will focus on the development of spatially-distributed hydrological models for a range of environmental applications (including climate change, hazard forecasting, nutrient modelling and water resources) at local, regional and global scales.  

Skills and qualifications required on appointment:

  • At least a 2.1 degree and either a PhD or a Masters with relevant postgraduate experience in a numerate science subject
  • Strong interest in researching, developing and implementing modelling systems of the natural environment.
  • Experience of developing and using mathematical models
  • Demonstrate excellent team working skills providing examples of how you work independently and within a team
  • Demonstrate through examples how you would communicate effectively with different audiences, including colleagues, senior managers, external scientists and the public (non-experts)
  • Established programming skills (Fortran, C/C++, Python, R)
  • Some experience of ArcGIS and/or visualization software is highly desirable
  • Prepared to work overseas as projects demand it.

Description of work area:

  • Mathematical modeller, researching and developing hydrological modelling.

Training and skills you will acquire:

  • Understanding of science areas (e.g. hydrology and water resources, flood modelling, forecasting and impacts, ensemble forecasting, model performance assessment)
  • IT skills to develop and run distributed hydrological models, and analyse and present the outputs. These include scientific programming, GIS and data management skills
  • Knowledge of available datasets and their characteristics for use in driving and testing models
  • Presentation and scientific writing skills.


  • Appointments above the minimum salary would be based on the appointee’s skills and experience.
  • Towards the end of the Research Associate traineeship consideration is given to availability of open ended employment opportunities with CEH.  We have successfully appointed most of our recent Research Associates to open ended roles.