Director (Climate Change Group)

The World Bank

Washington, DC, US

The Climate Change Group consists of 6 units, reporting to the Director, Climate Change, who reports to the Senior Director, Climate Change.  The Senior Director has a dual reporting line to the Vice President of Global Themes and the Vice President of Sustainable Development (SD).
The six units are:
Climate Advisory and Analytics leads on the frontier research on climate and development issues and is responsible for research on methods and metrics to support advisory services; the advisory work supports Global Practices (GPs) and task teams in developing and implementing climate solutions for development.
Carbon Markets & Innovation drives forward globally the carbon market and financing agenda, identifies opportunities to scale up climate finance based on market developments and piloting new ideas. 
Climate Funds Management manages the funds and donor relations looking to maximize their impact, mobilize other sources of finance and identify and implement synergies across various funds:
  • Forest Funds 
  • Results Based Climate Fund Management (TCAF, CPF, CDEV, PAF)
  • Fund Management – Kyoto Funds, investment funds (PPCR), technical assistance funds (PMR, CPLC, CF-Assist etc)
  • GEF and MP Management and Implementation 
  • Green Climate Fund
Climate Strategy and Operations ensures that climate change is efficiently and effectively mainstreamed throughout the WBG, monitoring the delivery of climate change commitments, improving engagement, knowledge management, learning and strategic planning and tracking the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan.
Climate Investment Funds Admin Unit is responsible for the management of the CIFs and using the CIFs to mobilize finance.
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery drives the mainstreaming of disaster risk management.
In addition, the Communications Team, reporting to ECR, working with the Climate Change Group, manages the external profile of the Bank through mainstream and social media channels and major events and leads internal communications on climate change. 
Note: The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in race, gender, nationality, culture, and educational background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply; women and Sub-Saharan/Caribbean candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.
Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 4 year term appointment.
Duties and accountabilities
The Climate Change Group Director is accountable for performing his/her responsibilities, modeling WBG leadership values and managerial behaviors, and ensuring that the Group delivers on its commitments. Accountability means being answerable for making strategic choices, managing quality, risks, results, institutional initiatives and compliance with WBG policies and procedures.
Working closely with the Senior Director, the Director leads the Climate Change Group including the following responsibilities:
Builds and maintains an effective Leadership Team comprising of the Practice Managers (PMs) and head of the Communications Team 
Together with the Leadership Team, sets key strategic priorities for the Climate Change Group to guide institution-wide work; 
Working across the WBG, develops and monitors the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan;
Develops and implements the Climate Change Group MoU with the SD VP and Global Themes VP and is responsible for key deliverables and targets; 
Represents the Climate Change Group internally and externally
The Director is responsible for leading the Climate Change Group as follows:
Providing solutions and results to clients, and staff in collaboration with the other GPs and Regions:
Ensures that climate change is adequately reflected in Systemic Country Diagnostics and Country Partnership Frameworks
Leads the interface with and support to GPs and Regional Management Teams
Ensures the monitoring and tracking of climate co-benefits and Climate Change commitments, and mobilizing corrective action as needed
Conceives, implements and participates in WBG events including Spring Meetings and Annual Meetings, Climate Change CoPs etc.
Drives and supports initiatives such as Invest4Climate, and any other high-priority special initiatives, and lead the dialogue mobilizing all sources of finance (including private, commercial and philanthropy) 
Works with donors to make the case for Bank finance both on Climate Change specifically (through trust funds) and generally through IDA 
Brings innovation to the climate change agenda to accelerate climate action and create carbon markets, where appropriate, working with funds such as the GEF and GCF
Oversees the creation and dissemination of analytics and flagship reports
People/Talent Management:
Manages the assigned Climate Change Group Practice Managers (PMs) as primary supervisor, and the staff reporting to such PMs as reviewing manager
Supports Practice Managers in developing and implementing appropriate strategies for staffing, deployment, staff learning and development and career progression and talent and performance management; including staff mobility
Working with the Senior Director, drives and inspires technical excellence within the Practice by creating an environment of learning and innovation that attracts and develops the best talent, reflective of the diversity of our clients
Participates in the Infrastructure and Climate Finance Talent Board, the SD Talent Council and selected other Talent Boards as required, ensuring staff mobility 
Models exemplary WBG leadership values and managerial behaviors and reinforces these qualities in the management team and staff 
Leading knowledge management activities to accelerate climate action, working with the Leadership Team and other Groups in the GT VP, 
Engages with Managers in the Practices and Groups and other directors to develop a knowledge and learning strategy and approach that integrates climate change considerations and multi-sectoral links
Ensures timely flow, capture, codification and dissemination of knowledge and expertise so that staff and clients receive the highest quality support and knowledge they need, when and where they need it, with special emphasis on the areas prioritized in the Climate Change Action Plan
Supports the coordination of innovative and cross-cutting research, as well as the dissemination of technical and experiential knowledge and learning
Ensures that new and cutting-edge knowledge from across the WBG is reflected in on-going staff learning and development so staff can bring the knowledge to bear on solutions for clients
Optimizing resource management:
Oversees the Group’s budget (internal and external funds) to support the implementation of the Climate Change Group’s strategy. Helps PMs optimize their various sources of funding for greater impact
Contributes to proactive, coordinated fundraising efforts 
Ensures Practice Management accountability for delivering the agreed upon work program through cost-effective use of resources (human and budget) within the agreed parameters
Selection criteria
Passion for the WBG mission
Demonstrated leadership values and exemplification of WBG managerial and core competencies, as referenced below
Deep technical knowledge and experience in climate change and associated topics 
Proven leadership in delivering and managing related operations and knowledge services in developing countries
Personal leadership in shaping and leading new agendas, bringing thought leadership and analysis together with delivery capacity for maximum client impact
Demonstrated in-depth experience working across practice and disciplinary boundaries, and with multiple stakeholders – both public and private – in building collaborative alliances for results
Track record of managing complex and large work programs, budgets, portfolio monitoring and supervision, with proven results 
Proven ability to effectively implement complex change management initiatives
Substantive operational experience in client countries
Strong written and oral communication skills.  
Fluency in French or Spanish or other Bank languages would be an additional asset. 
Masters or PhD degree in relevant fields of stated preference(s) of practices and typically the successful candidate will have a minimum of 15 years of relevant experience in positions of increasing complexity and responsibility
Leadership of Self: Role model the change and values for WBG; demonstrate courage of convictions, ownership and self-mastery within the organization in accordance to our values
People Leadership: lead and inspire staff to perform and deliver for better results; help others achieve their fullest potential through coaching and mentorship
Collaborative Leadership: be mutually accountable for entire WBG’s corporate targets and success; work across WBG and with clients and partners to achieve better results
Client Solutions Leadership: be the leading provider of development solutions for country clients; Provide leadership in both knowledge generation and knowledge sharing
Decisive Leadership: take informed risks and make decisions in a transparent manner resulting in transformative impact for clients; commit to decisions once they have been made
WBG 5 Managerial Competencies: courage of your convictions; leading Teams for impact; Influencing across boundaries; fostering openness to new ideas; and building talent for the future
WBG Core Competencies for all staff: client orientation; drive for results; teamwork of collaboration and inclusion; knowledge, learning and communication; and business judgment and analytical decision-making