Watershed Ambassador (AmeriCorps position)

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has hosted the Watershed Ambassadors Program since September 2000. Over the course of 900 hours, members assist the NJDEP in monitoring the rivers of NJ using state and federally-approved habitat and biological volunteer monitoring techniques. Members also train community volunteers on how to use these two techniques so they can become volunteer monitors themselves. In addition, the Watershed Ambassadors are available to make presentations to community organizations and schools. Members educate students and citizens about water and watershed issues and empower them to get involved in their local watershed. They also engage the community through watershed stewardship partnership projects such as: stream clean-ups, rain barrel/rain garden workshops, invasive species removals, stream restoration projects, and numerous other water quality enhancement projects. This not only provides an educational opportunity to the community but an environmental benefit to the local watershed. The program works with all sectors of society in exploring relationships between people and the environment, nurturing community-based environmental activities and empowering residents to make responsible and informed decisions regarding their watershed. Watershed Ambassadors start the program with an orientation training to provide them with the necessary skills and background to monitor rivers, educate students and adults and engage the community.

Member Duties

Watershed Ambassadors assess the rivers of New Jersey using state and federally-approved habitat and biological monitoring techniques and submit the data to the NJDEP. Members train and work with community volunteers to monitor the waters in their community using the habitat and biological monitoring techniques. Watershed Ambassadors also visit schools and community organizations to share information and educate the community about water and watershed issues in NJ and to encourage students and residents to become involved in protecting their watershed. Members also engage the community in watershed stewardship and restoration projects.

Program Benefits

Education award upon successful completion of service 

Uniforms provided and required ,  Permits attendance at school during off hours ,  Car recommended ,  Permits working at another job during off hours 

Service Areas 
Community Outreach ,  Children/Youth ,  Education ,  Environment 

Team Work ,  Public Speaking ,  Community Organization ,  Environment ,  Communications ,  Education ,  Leadership ,  Teaching/Tutoring