Environmental Senior Specialist

North Carolina Division of Water Resources

Wake County, NC, US

Description of Work

Recruitment Range: $44,347-$53,197

Salary Grade: 73
Division Information
The mission of the Division of Water Resources (DWR) is to provide the strategic information necessary to manage the state’s water resources for the health and welfare of the public; the continued economic growth of the state; the integrity of North Carolina’s surface waters; and the sustainability of its ground waters.  The Division of Water Resources comprises five Sections: Public Water Supply, Water Planning, Water Quality Permitting, Water Quality Regional Operations, and Water Sciences.
Section Information
The Water Resources Planning Section (WRPS) develops products to support management of the State’s water resources in order to ensure the health and welfare of the public, the continued economic growth of the State, the ecological health and integrity of North Carolina’s surface waters, and the long term sustainability of ground waters.
Branch Information:
The Basin Planning Branch is located within the Division of Water Resources’ Water Planning Section and is responsible for several key division responsibilities. The branch staff focuses on developing comprehensive water resources river basin plans that evaluate water quality and water quantity conditions for each of the state’s major river basins. Basin plans integrate the results of resource monitoring with water use and availability modeling in each river basin. The branch provides support for and interpretation of departmental programs addressing water resource modeling, water supply watershed protection, use support assessment, wetlands restoration planning, groundwater management, public water supply, planning and development, drought monitoring and response, point and nonpoint source pollution control and other water resource focused programs. Key responsibilities of the branch are listed below:
  • Preparation of comprehensive water resource plans for the state’s 17 river basins that collectively describe the overall state water resource planning efforts.
  • Coordination with other Division and Departmental water resource programs to assure proper integration of all relevant programs in the development of the basin plans.
  • Obtain modeling and data analysis support to assure water quality and water quantity data are available for timely basin plan development.
  • Coordinate basin plan objectives and activities with the Regional Offices.
  • Coordinate and update the Use Restoration Waters program.
  • Provide technical review and comments on environmental documents.
  • Coordinate, evaluate, and conduct site specific instream flow evaluations.
  • Evaluate impacts to ecological and biological integrity resulting from changes in water quality and water flows.
  • Provide input to the Division on program and policy development involving complex environmental issues identified through the comprehensive water resources planning process.
  • Provide support for the implementation of Environment Management Commission approved recommendations in the basin plans to increase water resource protection, water security and reliability, protect and improve ecological integrity, and ensure fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waters.
Position Information:
This position is physically located in the Archdale Building in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

The purpose of this position is to identify and report on water quality and water quantity issues and plan for improving and protecting water resources for each of the State’s river basins. The position will develop and maintain the Water Resources River Basin Plans through a basinwide planning approach that provides guidance for protecting and improving water and related resources while addressing the needs of the public. This position is responsible for:
  • Data collection and analysis, document preparation, and coordination between other DWR programs, stakeholders and local governments, state, and federal agencies;
  • Explaining the program and Water Resources River Basin Plans to local officials, consultants, natural resource agencies and the general public using written documents and oral presentations as well as encouraging public involvement, soliciting public review and comments on the basin planning process;
  • Providing support to other State programs such as point and nonpoint source management, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Ecosystem Enhancement Program, drought management, water quality and quantity modeling, local water supply planning, and the environmental review process;
  • Developing projections for long-term water supply needs and coordinates development of the North Carolina Water Supply Plan;
  • Providing assistance in water availability studies and capacity use investigations;
  • Conducting complex environmental analysis that aid in the assessment of programs and public policy development and may initiate complementary programs;
  • Working towards the coordination of implementing the Environmental Management Commission approved recommendations developed within the Water Resources River Basin Plans.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies
**To receive credit for your work history and credentials, you must list the information on the application form.  Any information omitted from the application form will not be considered for qualifying credit. Information listed under the text resume section or on an attachment will not be considered for qualifying credit.**
Qualified applicants must possess and the application must clearly reflect work experience that demonstrates the following:
  • Knowledge of water resources (quantity and quality) management;
  • Knowledge current state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and policies that; govern water supply planning, permitting, expansion, and development of water supply sources;
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online application;
  • Knowledge of SAS JMP scripting;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate well and coordinate between environmental regulators, municipalities, consultants, and other professional staff;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form with a wide variety of people;
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare, edit, and review technical reports;
  • Demonstrated ability to make public presentations to diverse audiences;
  • Ability to travel overnight, occasionally.
  • Valid driver’s license;
Interviewed candidates may be required to take a skills assessment.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in one of the agricultural, biological, engineering, environmental or natural resource sciences or a closely related curriculum from an appropriately accredited institution and two years of experience related to the area of assignment; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Supplemental and Contact Information
To apply for this position, please click the “APPLY” link above. To receive credit, all experience must be included in the work history sections. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of state application. See attached resume will result in an incomplete application and will not receive consideration. Any information omitted from this application but included on the resume, will not be considered for qualifying credit.

Persons eligible for veteran’s preference must submit a copy of Form DD-214.

DENR uses the Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Plan to fill positions subject to the State Personnel Act with the most qualified applicants. When a salary range is posted, the actual salary will be based on relevant competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities, internal equity, and budgetary considerations pertinent to the advertised position.

The State of North Carolina is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
For additional information, please contact:
Lisa McKinnie