International Environment Specialist (Second Tashkent Province Water Supply Development Project)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Tashkent, , UZ

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment:

On 9 November 2017, ADP approved the $800,000 technical assistance to prepare the Second Phase of the Tashkent Province Water Supply Development Project. The proposed project will revitalize the water supply systems of the other two districts of the Kadiyra regional water supply system, namely Chinaz and Yangiyul. The technical assistance grant will be used for feasibility assessment and project preparation of the ensuing loan including social and resettlement safeguards and due diligence. 

Scope of Work

The International Environment Specialist will contribute to the preparation of feasibility study, due diligence, environment and safeguard assessment for the project. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The Environment Specialist will carry out the following tasks:

  • Prepare and finalize rapid environmental assessment checklist to determine environment category;
  • Interacting with the civil engineering and social safeguard specialist for the information and data requirements available in the feasibility study and technical design reports. Identifying the gaps in information that still need to be included and obtaining the necessary information for the IEE;
  • Estimating cost for EMP implementation and interacting with the economic and financial consultants to include the EMP costs into the project budget and bidding documents. The EMP costs consist of mitigation measures, environmental monitoring measurements, and environmental supervision, reporting and capacity building for PCU and contractors;
  • Assist in conducting a meaningful public consultation by presenting draft IEE at meeting with relevant government agencies, local authorities, other stakeholders, local communities and potential affected people in the project sites. Incorporating their comments and feedback in the revision of the IEE;
  • Incorporating comments from CSA, ADB, and subsequently assisting CSA in obtaining necessary approval to the IEE from ADB and relevant Government ministries;
  • Assess the impact of wastewater and propose possible solutions;
  • Work closely with the design engineer to ensure that the wastewater generated from the project, especially industrial effluents if any, will not have significant and adverse environmental impacts;
  • Prepare IEE in compliance with ADB’s SPS and national environmental requirements. The IEE should also include the assessment of existing transmission and distribution networks and the recommended disposal methods of pipes in the EMP; and 
  • Work closely with the Climate Change Specialist to reflect in the IEE the impacts of climate change. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The International Environment Specialist will preferably have a degree in environmental engineering or environmental service (MSc or higher preferred) with a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience in Environmental assessment and management. Experience in Central Asia and working with ADB projects is highly desirable.