Reporting Project Coordinator

charity: water

New York, NY, US

As the Reporting Project Coordinator, you’ll ensure communications to our donors about the impact of their donations are executed flawlessly. You’ll work across all departments, combining donor information, project data, and storytelling to show our donors proof of the impact of their donations. 


  • Produce communications fulfilling our promise to donors to (i.e. “reporting”), including physical and digital reports for our major donors, brand partners, and fundraisers.
  • Proactively communicate the reporting calendar and manage expectations of stakeholders across the organization.
  • Coordinate across teams to produce reporting by collecting requirements from the Fundraising teams, confirming data with the Water Programs and Finance teams, and producing compelling decks, videos, and emails with the Marketing and Creative teams.
  • Manage regular creation of documents describing new grants for potential and returning donors.
  • Produce and maintain documentation around reporting including schedules, meeting notes, status reports, feedback, and approvals.
  • Execute all reporting on time and to the highest quality standards; implement and manage changes, as necessary, to achieve reporting timelines.
  • Identify and recommend process improvements to the reporting process.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 1-2 years of experience managing projects, coordinating teams, and/or other planning-related duties.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Experience producing and maintaining roadmaps and project plans. 
  • Proficiency with (and love for!) Excel/spreadsheets and data.
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.


  • You value precision. You’re meticulous and strive for excellence in every detail. You double and triple-check your work. You pay strong attention to detail, have excellent grammar, spelling, and proofreading skills, and know accuracy is important regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • You get things done. You’re a multitasking machine. You organize your work so you can handle a wide range of big and small projects at the same time without overlooking anything. You keep your cool under pressure and know how to prioritize your responsibilities. And when you need help, you’re not afraid to ask.
  • You’re a team player. You’re excited to work cross-functionally with other departments and enjoy bringing people together to achieve a goal. People enjoy working with you because they know they can trust you.
  • You’re a communication ace. You keep everyone in the know so that the job gets done efficiently and effectively. You know when to ask for help, when to listen, and when to speak up. 
  • You’re a problem solver. We find ways of getting things done at charity: water. We don’t invest time on why it can’t be done. You know how to articulate and roll out solutions, recognizing there are many solutions to the same problem. You find new and effective ways to streamline and create processes to increase efficiency. You’re always on the look-out for potential issues so you can tackle them before they occur and you take learnings to ensure any challenges that occurred never happen again.
  • You see the bigger picture. You’re able to break a large project into bite-size pieces while always keeping your eye on the big goal. You think two steps ahead and can see how complex initiatives connect together for maximum impact. 
  • You are teachable. You have the humility to admit when you don’t know something and the drive to find out.

This opportunity is for those located in (or willing to re-locate to) the NYC area only.