WASH Programme Manager

Solidarités International

Kobane / Ain Issa, , SY

About the Mission:

The Coordination team is based in Amman (Jordan) with 6 expatriates and 3 National staff. The North West operation is managed from Amman with currently 5 expatriates and the operational base is located in Azaz (Aleppo governorate) with approximately 60 Syrian staff members. In the North East, in Kobane and Ayn Isa (Raqqa governorate) the intervention is managed by 5 expatriates with 25 staff members. The mission also has a limited team in Gaziantep (Turkey) working in low profile. A new base is being set up to start a response in Deir Ezzor governorate with a team of 4 expats.

The North East Syria (NES) intervention is currently targeting Raqqa and Kobane districts through a WASH and NFI/Winterization support to displaced population and host communities. The North West Syria (NWS) intervention in remote management is currently targeting Azaz district through a WASH, NFI/Winterization and FSL support to displaced population and host communities. The intervention is Deir Ezzor targeting IDPs and host communities currently address WASH and NFI needs. The current total budget of the mission is approximately 5,000,000 USD.

About the Job:

Under a CDC grant for the rehabilitation of water treatment stations, a WASH Programme Manager with specific technical ability on rehabilitation work is required. The role will require extensive engagement with local authorities, with other rehabilitation actors in the area, and with mine clearance groups in order to successfully realize the project.

The work will be focused on four key areas facilities rehabilitation:

  • Power (where connection to the public network is not possible generators may be provided, as well as repairs of electrical connections where damaged).
  • Water Treatment System (where the treatment plant is damaged, eg repair of sand filtration system).
  • Core Infrastructure (where buildings and general damage has been incurred to facilities that requires repair before treatment station can be functional again).
  • Distribution Network (where connections to the wider water network has been damaged so that distribution from the station to communities is not functional).

The project is currently ongoing, and has started end of 2017. With the original identified stations for rehabilitation awarded to other actors, the main challenge is to identify appropriate works. This should be concluded by the time the new PM arrives, and his focus will therefore be to drive implementation and completion of the works in the final 3 months of the project.

The candidate will manage a small technical team implementing works on up to 4 sites. But in addition the WASH PM will be required to effectively manage local contractors carrying out the works, ensuring compliance with time, cost, and quality standards.

Given the expectation of new grants being confirmed in the coming months, the WASH PM Rehabilitation holds the potential to transfer into a separate WASH role after completing this initial project.

Main Challenges:

  • Job technicity: The candidate will focus on all elements of WASH and she/he will need to deploy regular technical skills for that purpose.
  • Management: Strong management skills are required as the team will be working in very challenging conditions with mixed capacities.
  • Analysis/strategy: The candidate will be required to contribute to developing strategy for the mission, but it will not be a seminal focus.
  • Reporting: Good quality reporting is important given the number, regularity and importance of reporting to OFDA
  • Security: Although not holding overall responsibility in the area, it is necessary to have a strong awareness of safety and security and to effectively support the WASH team in this regard

Your Profile:

  • Formal training and qualifications in WaSH or hydraulics
  • Understanding of water treatment station functionality
  • Ability to plan and review rehabilitation works
  • Capacity to deal with contractors and ensure timely delivery
  • Ability to operate safely and effectively in a security sensitive environment

Application Process:

Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English. CV only applications will not be considered.