Environmental Streaming Consultant via ReliefWeb

Khartoum, , SD

The Environmental Mainstreaming consultant will be responsible for the delivery of:

  • Environmental mainstreaming framework designed and operationalized;

  • Dialogue established and maintained with the humanitarian and development partners;

  • Capacity building plan and products developed;

  • Plan developed to monitor impact of environmental mainstreaming;

  • Quarterly progress reports.

Specific tasks and responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of this position are as follows:

  • Make an inventory of most important humanitarian and development operators in Sudan, as well as their main donors;

  • Conduct a baseline survey amongst the main players on their present environmental impact and on their capacity to integrate environment management and climate change in their projects and programmes, as well as their needs;

  • Document best practices of environmental management for replication;

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Environment Marker and if opportune, propose modifications or develop and introduce appropriate screening tool(s);

  • Establish and maintain an environmental dialogue with humanitarian and development partners;

  • Develop an environmental mainstreaming toolkit;

  • Develop, test and implement training activities and materials targeting partners’ plans and programmes;

  • Design a monitoring plan to assess the impact of environment and climate mainstreaming in partners’ plans and programmes;

  • Support the UN Environment Sudan Programme Coordinator with pipeline development;

  • Any other activities as requested by the UN Environment Sudan Programme Coordinator.

How to Apply:

Please send your CV/ United Nations PHP to :
[email protected]

[email protected]