Practice Area Knowledge Managers (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene)


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Our Work and Impact

We attract people who seek the intersection of meaningful work and complex challenges. For us, it is a privilege to do such work. This is probably the most important aspect about Dalberg that people interested in us should know.

Our fast growing presence in Asia, which is served out of our offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore and Hong Kong, has a diverse client base that spans Fortune 50 companies, the largest Foundations across the world and in Asia, National and State Governments, and some of the most inspiring grass-root NGOs.

In the past year alone, Dalbergians in Asia, have worked on projects such as:

  • Rethinking how to drive skills development for youth to be closer to market needs, on behalf of an Indian State Government
  • Designing an approach to bring clean water to hundreds of millions of people through decentralized water kiosks in Asia and Africa
  • Developing a strategy for including ethnic minorities in the mainstream for a large Asian city
  • Institutionalizing a customer-centric strategy for one of India’s largest low-income focused financial institution
  •  Developing the strategy for a hospital network to reduce road deaths in India
  • Helping a large Foundation develop a strategy for runaway children in India
  • Helping a Fortune 500 company unearth large scale energy investment opportunities in frontier markets in Asia and Africa
  • Setting up of an agriculture fund to improve incomes for millions of smallholders in India

Practice Area Knowledge Manager Role at Dalberg

Two of Dalberg’s key global practices – 1) Water and Sanitation and 2) Financial Inclusion, are looking to hire talented and driven individuals with strong critical thinking, research and communication skills to fill the role of a Practice Area Knowledge Manager. Each of the Practice Area Knowledge Manager’s roles will cater to the needs of the respective practice, while working towards broadening the scope and knowledge of the practice, in turn enhancing the value proposition of the firm. It is therefore a confluence of management research, knowledge management, and communication.

Responsibilities involved include, but are not limited to:

1. Knowledge Creation

  • Harvest knowledge based on Dalberg’s past work in the respective sector, and present them in interesting formats ranging from typical consulting powerpoints, thought leadership pieces, infographics (working with the design team), thematic websites.
  • Conduct independent mini-research projects to create new knowledge within the practice. This can include conducting interviews with experts globally, to launching mini-surveys with end users living in a slum.
  • Contribute to existing knowledge platforms that the practice has already started (such as the ‘Talking About Water’ insights platform or ‘Build On India Stack’).

2. Knowledge Coordination

  • Manage existing knowledge assets within firm and making them useful and usable by Dalberg consulting teams working in the respective practice areas.  
  • This will include create datasets of useful statistics and keeping them updated, ensuring that all related project deliverables are tagged and readily available in thematic folders.

3. Knowledge Advocacy

  • Create concept notes and proposals that help drive greater innovation and impact within the practice area in Asia and Africa and keep Dalberg ahead of the curve in the space
  • Support business development processes and projects with expert input and skills

4. Knowledge Dissemination

  • Internal dissemination: through Practice Area newsletters, hosting monthly practice area calls with global consultants across Dalberg, and catalyzing interest in the practice globally
  • External Dissemination: external newsletter, participation in thematic conferences, hosting brown-bag talks and periodic interactions for the practice in Delhi, engaging journalists and providing thought leadership content to mass media and social media, being responsible for the practice social media presence on platforms such as Twitter. 

What we Seek

A critical element for success at Dalberg is to draw your energy from seeking out meaningful work and embracing the complexity that sits behind most social challenges. 

For the practice area manager role, we are looking at driven and entrepreneurial individuals who are driven to create positive social impact through their work and lives, have experience within the domain of either water and sanitation or financial inclusion, fantastic research skills, excellent oral and written communication, and deep familiarity with social media and new media channels.

We are also looking for individuals who can demonstrate strong leadership capabilities, those who can take charge and ownership of their work and professional development.

Specific skills and backgrounds that we are looking for:

  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a top university globally. Candidates with Master’s degrees will be preferred
  • At least 3 years of total work experience with at least 1.5 years of experience in the respective space (i.e. Water & Sanitation or Financial Inclusion)
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Top notch research skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Deep experience with leveraging social media for information
  • Experience and networks in thematic journalism will be an added plu