Estuary Educator

Cornell University

Riverhead, NY, US

The primary effort of the Estuary Educator is to assist in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of environmental educational programming and outreach opportunities to citizens on the east-end of Long Island. The educator will deliver and promote educational program objectives and plans that are developed by the Supervisor for the Peconic Estuary Program (PEP). The educator will assist in the development of educational strategies and programming and also draw upon existing program resources and recommendations, and coordinate activities with the supervisor and team to address the PEP educational programming needs and programming materials. The educator will also deliver and contribute to various field related projects to help fulfill the Marine Program objectives to enhance natural resources and water quality as needed.

Program Responsibilities:

Program Development  – 15%

  • Assist with development of educational programming for outreach to citizens that participate in the Peconic Estuary Program (PEP).
  • Assist with development of outreach programs and materials related to PEP priority goals and objectives in the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the estuary.
  • Assist in the creation of outreach materials to address PEP initiatives.
  • Assist in making programmatic changes based on program evaluation outcomes and to meet changing local priorities.
  • Assist with identifying activities and resources necessary to implement initiatives and projects.
  • Assist in structuring programs to meet the needs of diverse program participants.

Program Delivery – 35%

  • Deliver existing educational outreach programs that focus on PEP program goals and objectives for water quality and resource protection using proven educational methods.
  • Work with homeowners and citizens to educate on nutrient reduction and fertilizer reduction best management practices based on established program materials.
  • Interact effectively with program participants and volunteers to provide programming and support.
  • Provide standard responses and assist as needed in providing moderately complex non-standard responses.
  • Provide PEP related educational outreach to new and existing members including public events, meetings, workshops and quarterly newsletters.
  • Represent PEP and CCE before the public, community leaders, government officials, Cornell or other universities as a part of program delivery.
  • Educate and work with volunteers to implement citizen based science programs.

Program Evaluation – 5%

  • Assist in designing evaluation framework, analyzing collected program evaluation data and in making recommendations for improvements.
  • Interact with various constituencies to obtain their evaluation of programs and communicate evaluation results and findings with stakeholders.
  • Assist in recommending program changes to strengthen and improve programs.

Applied Research – 20%

  • Assist with development research projects related to marine resource conservation, habitats and water quality that fit with the PEP priorities; including citizen-science projects.
  • Implement existing citizen based science programs.
  • Assist with implementation of research projects related to marine resource conservation, habitats and water quality that fit with the PEP priorities.
  • Assist with conducting applied research projects in order to broaden scientific understanding and improve on project success.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Direction – 5%

  • Assist with the planning of major PEP CAC programs and events.
  • Provide input in planning the structure of delivering educational programs via various methods.
  • Assist in planning for mass media efforts related to PEP functions.
  • Assist in planning effective strategic marketing efforts related to PEP priorities.
  • Assist in identifying community and fiscal resources for program continuance and enhancement.
  • Assist in enhancing/expanding professional relationships with appropriate agencies, organizations, businesses and community leaders to facilitate continued program efforts.
  • Assist with planning of grant ideas, programs and narrative based on data collected and knowledge of the county and program priorities.
  • Assist in planning annual program budget

Management – 5%

  • Assist in solving problems and resolve conflicts that arise in the operation of the PEP educational outreach programming, utilizing appropriate policies and procedures and with guidance of supervisor as needed.
  • Assist with monitoring program financial status to ensure compliance with program budget, grant specifications, and adherence to Association strategies/Plan of work.
  • Provide moderately complex administrative management to support the guidance of the educational outreach program for PEP.
  • Under the guidance of supervisor, provide volunteer oversight.
  • Perform tasks related to supervisory responsibilities as applicable to program staff, e.g. temporary summer assistants and program educators, when applicable.
  • Give guidance to volunteers and co-workers, including those performing similar work, as needed.
  • Assist with identifying ways to reduce costs and maximize existing resources within the Association.
  • Make recommendations to Supervisor regarding program budgetary needs.
  • Assist Supervisor in managing annual budgets.

Coordination/Operation – 10%

  • Organize and coordinate activities related to PEP CAC educational outreach (e.g. local festivals, workshops, community events, etc.).
  • Coordinate meetings with the PEP Citizen’s Advisory Committee to facilitate educational outreach programs for water quality and natural resource protection.
  • Utilize various media to organize PEP outreach material and events including, print media, radios, newsletters, web sites, social networking platforms and other digital media.
  • Recruit program participants for PEP meetings, events and special functions.
  • Coordinate with the PEP program office to ensure educational program goals are being met.
  • Perform general coordination activities including but not limited to attending staff meetings, working with other staff and general marketing of Extension programs.
  • Assist with making equipment/supply purchases, and tracking expenditures.
  • Under the guidance of the supervisor, maintain effective professional relationships with other agencies, organizations and businesses to facilitate continued program efforts.
  • Provide information as requested to assist with preparation of reports, impact statements, and success stories on program progress and accomplishments.
  • Prepare material for grant/contract proposal submission
  • Attend and present quarterly updates at the PEP Management Conference.
  • Implement the existing volunteer recruitment and enrollment process.

Professional Improvement  – 5%

  • In cooperation with Supervisor and/or Marine Program Director and/or Executive Director, jointly develop and pursue a professional development plan as a means to increase competencies relative to position accountabilities and to address changes and Association priorities.
  • Collaborate in activities that are in general support of Cornell Cooperative Extension and perform other duties as assigned.
  • Pursue personal growth through expanding personal knowledge of the total organization and through updating techniques and technical skills related to the position.

Review of applications will begin immediately. Position will remain open until qualified pool of candidates is obtained. Applicants need to attach/upload a resume to the online application in either Microsoft Word or PDF format. In the “Experience” section of your application, use the Paperclip icon to search for file(s) or use the “Drop Files Here” box to manually drag document(s) into your application. Once the application is submitted you will not be able to change your submission or add attachments.