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Key responsibilities

The incumbent as ‘Projects’ Manager’ shall be the team leader of the Water & Sanitation Sector (WASH) of the Management Unit (MU) and provide guidance, supervision and management, quality assurance and relevance of the SRTF projects’ planning and delivery, with particular responsibilities as follows:

  • Report and work under the direct supervision of the Head, Programme Section;
  • Provide overall direction in WASH projects focusing on needs in urban and rural areas, pumping systems for domestic and irrigation needs, water distribution systems and practices which could achieve a results-based operation and delivery of assigned scope of works;
  • Liaise and collaborate with Implementing Entities (IEs) on project concepts’ initiation and proposals’ preparation;
  • At all stages of the project cycle the Project Manager (PM) of WASH sector must highlight capacity building, aid coordination, good communication and sound management practices so that best practices in community engagement, needs’ identification, intervention planning, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and reporting are applied in all projects;
  • Provide the necessary guidance and support to IEs in the collection and elaboration of the necessary data and information for project proposals;
  • Supervise and collaborate with the IEs for the timely preparation of proposals for submission, discussion and approval by the Head of Programme Section;
  • Develop the required methodology and framework under which each project shall be implemented, and provide guidance on good environmental practices and mitigation measures on environmental impact during implementation;
  • Coordinate with the Projects’ Coordinator on project assessment, Field Coordination Officer’s (FCOs) appraisal on IEs capacity, and situation analysis which have direct impact on project viability;
  • Engage and participate with the Programme Team Colleagues in the application of the Project Evaluation Score Card (PESC);
  • Develop reporting indicators for all project elements of water infrastructure inputs and services and the M&E tools for communities (LCs) to report on the delivery of services against performance indicators;
  • Provide plans for capacity building and technology transfer to IEs and organize workshops for counterparts in project planning, design, preparation of necessary documentation (BOQs, Specifications, tenders, contracts, etc.);
  • Monitor approved project proposals in the stages of design, contract agreements, procurement process, and implementation, and report to the Head of Programme Section on corresponding challenges;
  • Establish key monitoring milestones of project preparation, performance, budgets, and quality assurance on delivery;
  • Prepare reports on monthly basis for project implementation in the field, weekly reports on the project preparation and any reports as may be required by the Programme Section activities and/or as may be assigned by the Head, Programme Section;
  • Attend meetings, as required, and contribute to the Programme needs through professional knowledge and “problem-solving” approach;
  • In coordination with the Head of Programme Section, and the colleagues of the Programme Team, the incumbent creates project opportunities through communication with different stakeholders (IEs, NGOs and donors).


General Competencies

  • Practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of countries in-conflict environment;
  • Professionalism, integrity and commitment to programme needs;
  • Expertise in planning, management and mobilization of resources in the Water Resources Sector;
  • Understanding and sound judgment in multi-cultural work space;
  • Versatile capacity to deal in situations of challenging physical environment;
  • Good communication skills and ability to negotiate and report on project issues.

Management Competencies

  • Knowledge and understanding of risk factors associated with project implementation in conflict environment, and capacity to identify solutions against or minimizing effect of such factors and events;
  • Ability to communicate, motivate, manage and coordinate project related work in a multi- ethnic origin team to deliver quality work and meet tight schedules under stressful environment, and a varied cultural context;
  • Capacity to establish priorities, address project issues and needs of project within the overall focus of the Programme for recovery, relief and reconstruction;
  • Demonstrate trust and confidence in team-work and provide timely response to stakeholders’ needs;
  • Professional knowledge and capacity to manage water-sanitation infrastructure related documentation with accurate standards and quality.


The WASH Expert is responsible to

  • Prepare and submit progress report on assigned projects during the weekly Programme Section Meetings;
  • Prepare and submit status and progress reports for the WATSAN Sector to be included in the overall reporting for newsletters and the MUs quarterly reports;
  • Adhere to MUs regulations on security and confidentiality.

Supervision and guidance received

  • The WASH Sector PM shall work under the direct supervision and reports directly to the Head of Programme Section or the Deputy PSH as will be authorized by the PSH;
  • The PM shall also collaborate with and coordinate on project issues with other Sector Heads, as required, under the guidance of the PSH.

Qualifications/ Experience/ Language(s)

  • Syrian nationals would be preferred;
  • Advanced university degree in Water Resources Engineering or related discipline; Professional accreditation from renown engineering institution shall be considered favourably;
  • Minimum 8-years of experience in international reconstruction-development sectors, with main focus on water & sanitation related projects;
  • At least 3-years of work experience in key management posts in multi-discipline projects including water and sanitation systems and infrastructure, power plant installations (such as pumping stations), contracts management, and institutional capacity building;
  • Knowledge and familiarity of Syria’s water resources and sanitation sectors, and any prior work experience in Syria on water related assignments and/or projects is highly desirable;
  • Computer literacy in engineering software applications is highly desirable;
  • The incumbent apart from having high proficiency in his/her native language of Arabic, must also have good knowledge of English, written and spoken, working knowledge of Turkish shall be positively considered in the evaluation of qualifications.

If you are interested in the assigned position, please kindly send your application via email to Vera Masurat ( [email protected] ).

The application should include the following documents and information:

  • Your CV in English language, EU-format preferred.
  • A list of reference persons with contact details, if not included in the CV already.

Candidates who are considered for further evaluation and for recommendation to the client will be notified within two weeks after reception of the application. Please kindly understand that all other candidates will not be notified.

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