Senior Dam Consultant (CFRD Specialist)

CDM Smith

Pretoria, South Africa 🇿🇦

Job Description

We are currently accepting applicants for a Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Consultant to work for CDM Smith on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Phase II.

The Lesotho Highlands Water Project – Phase 2 (LHWP2) entails the design and construction of a major water transfer scheme including a 165-metre-high CFRD dam; a 38-km long, 5 M diameter transfer tunnel; associated advance infrastructure comprising access roads, project housing and services, telecommunications, and hydro power generation and high voltage transmission. The estimated project cost is approximately $2B. We are seeking a Deputy Contract Specialist to manage and support the Contracts Specialist. The position will be full time based in Maseru, Lesotho.

1.1 Provide Expert commentary on the major technical aspects of the design, including the provision of guidance on the engineering and technical aspects of the preliminary design stage of the Polihali Dam project, with the specific objective of:
• Minimizing time and cost risks and maximizing confidence in the final solution proposals;
• Ensuring appropriate design criteria for the CFRD;
• Reviewing the Consultant’s investigation, testing, analysis and design processes with a view to ensuring that these are state-of-the-art practice and best formulated to minimize the possibility of slab cracking during impoundment and/or operation;
• Advising the PMU of any oversights, unrealistic planning, or inadequately addressed issues in relation to the CFRD dam design;
• Advising the PMU on any perceived guidance necessary for the Consultant;
• Reviewing the achievable construction rates and any associated program constraints;
• Reviewing the Consultant’s basis for estimating the dam construction program;
• Reviewing the Consultant’s approach in estimating the dam construction costs; and
• Reviewing the Consultant’s CFRD Preliminary Design analyses, designs and reports.

1.2 On completion of the inputs as part of 1.1, and by mutual agreement between the Specialist and CDM Smith, the CFRD specialist may be requested to extend the services to cover the construction stage and to provide the PMU with expert review and comments covering the following scope of work with particular reference to the CFRD aspects.

1.2.1 Review reports/information such as design drawings, construction documents and specifications, stability analysis, emergency plans and all matters pertinent to the design, construction and safety of the Polihali Dam, Saddle Dam and appurtenant structures.

1.2.2 Perform office/field inspections as needed to represent the PMU during the technical Panel of Experts bi-annual missions, and make comments on the findings and recommendations of the PoE.

1.3 The input timings and durations of the services to be provided by the CFRD specialist will be as indicated in 1.3.1, with an option to extend as indicated under 1.3.2, at the discretion of CDM:

1.3.1 Design Phase: from approximately November 2017 to November 2019 on part time basis with estimated Level of Effort of approximately 20 days. The Specialist will be expected to visit the PMU office in Lesotho at least twice over the indicated period, for durations of approximately 1 week on each occasion. Otherwise, inputs, reviews, video conferences and other interactions with the PMU can be undertaken from his/her home office.

1.3.2 Construction Stage: from approximately March 2020 on an annually renewable basis for a period of 5 years. The Specialist will be expected to visit Lesotho at least once every six months, for an estimated duration of 5 days in each visit.

Minimum Qualifications

• Experience: not less than 30 years’ experience in dam design and construction, 10 years of which shall have been in responsible positions on large scale works and at least 10 years’ recent experience in the analysis, design, construction and safety of CFRDs exceeding 140m in height. Experience in dam design and construction in basaltic materials is essential.

Required Education

• MSc or other post-graduate specialization in dam design/engineering. Registered with internationally recognized professional body/institution.


• Registered with internationally recognized professional body/institution.
Language requirements/Preferences:
• Fluent in English, and have excellent technical, computer, communication (including report/technical writing skills) and organizational skills.

Preferred Qualifications

• Preferable to have recent experience the Southern African (SADC) region while involvement on similar assignments in remote locations and developing countries would be added advantage.

Agency Disclaimer

All vendors must have a signed CDM Smith Placement Agreement from the CDM Smith Recruitment Center Manager to receive payment for your placement. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the CDM Smith staff will not be considered binding terms. All unsolicited resumes sent to CDM Smith and any resume submitted to any employee outside of CDM Smith Recruiting Center Team (RCT) will be considered property of CDM Smith. CDM Smith will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.