Maldives nationals: Chief Technical Advisor in Water Engineering

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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The unique geographic attributes of the Maldives make its water resource situation both complex and diverse. With widely ranging populations numbers on the islands, even basic water and sanitation service must be tailored to local resources and population needs. Management of the limited water resources is complicated due to the small catchment areas for rainfall, limited rainwater and groundwater storage capacity, long dry seasons, and the susceptibility of groundwater aquifers to pollution and salinity intrusion.

The outer islands of the Maldives already experience drinking water shortages during the dry season. These shortages have had significant adverse human, environmental and social impacts on the outer island communities. The key problems pertaining to freshwater security relate to the increasingly variable rainfall patterns induced by climate change and sea-level rise induced salinity of groundwater. A sea level rise and decreasing rainfall amounts will considerably compound current water stress in the country. The Government faces constraints in responding to the challenge at hand without assistance, especially in the context of anticipated impacts of climate change.

As water security is closely bound to rainfall and extreme events in Maldives, the adaptation scenario will demand: (i) the rainfall collection capacity to increase at least threefold; (ii) groundwater controlled extraction and replenishment to keep water table levels high in order to buffer away saltwater intrusion; and (iii) increased water production capacity through desalinization (Reversed Osmosis – RO technology), as to secure sufficient back up resource during the extended dry periods for household supply and timely distribution.

In response to this challenge, the proposed project objective is to deliver safe and secure freshwater to 105,000 people in the 49 target islands of Maldives in the face of climate change risks. This will be achieved by delivering the following results:

  1. Scaling up integrated water supply system to provide safe water to vulnerable households (at least 32,000 people, including 15,000 women);
  2. Decentralized and cost-effective dry season water supply system introduced benefiting 73,000 people across 7 Northern Atolls; 
  3. Groundwater quality improved to secure freshwater reserves for long term resilience on 49 islands;


Objective of the assignment:

The main purpose of this assignment is to provide technical guidance to the management of the project towards achieving the project objective and related results. The CTA shall carry out the work in accordance with the terms of reference outlined in this document and shall report to the Project Manager. In order to assist the government of Maldives achieve the stated project objective above, the CTA is expected to carry out the tasks as described below.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • This solicitation is for a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) for one year and renewable up to three years linked to satisfactory performance of the individual consultant. “LTA” refers to a mutual arrangement whereby the Consultant will provide services as required, over a specific period of time.
  • An LTA is a mutual arrangement between UNDP and the individual to provide the required services at prescribed prices or provisions over a period of 12-36 months, with potential extension of one year. UNDP reserves the right to rescind the agreement during that period should performance of the consultant not meet its requirements. Performance evaluation of the consultant would be conducted jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and UNDP.
  • Under an LTA, UNDP does not warrant that any quantity of services shall be purchased during the term of this Agreement. Where a request for services arises, UNDP shall directly contract the consultant based on its need to carry out those activities. A specific Terms of Reference (TOR) outlining the outputs for each assignment shall be provided and an Individual Contract would be issued to the consultant, detailing the time frame.

The Consultant is expected to:

  • Provide technical expertise and strategic guidance to all project components, assuming quality control of interventions, and support the Project Manager in the coordination of the implementation of planned activities under the GCF project as stipulated in the project document;
  • Provide a suite of technical advisory, planning & management and coordination services to the project where key work areas will include:
    • Technical and Management Services;
    • Project Advisory and Guidance;
    • Project Monitoring and Implementation Support;
    • Training.


Duty Station

The consultant will be working on a home-based arrangement, with travel to Male’ and project islands across the country as and when required. The schedule of travel shall be negotiated with the consultant according to the requirements of the programme.


Monitoring and Progress control

The CTA shall work under the direct supervision of the Project Manager as part of the Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The CTA shall also work with the Ministry of Environment and Energy and UNDP Country Office.


Required Skills and Experience:


  • At least a Masters degree or equivalent to Masters degree in engineering related to water resource management, Public Health, or Environment.


  • At least 10 years of experience in providing consultancy services, including managing water sector projects, project management and supervision;
  • 10 years of in depth knowledge and experience of technical leadership in the area of integrated water resource management;
  • Good understanding of developments in national and international water management sector. S/He should have good knowledge in latest trends and approaches in adaptive and integrated water resource management.


  • Fluency in English language.


Application process: Interested individuals must submit the following as proposals in order to demonstrate their qualifications. National candidates are also welcome to apply. 

  • A letter indicating why the candidate considers himself/herself suitable for the required consultancy; this can be done online;
  • Submission of an updated detailed Personal CV or P11 form which can be downloaded from
  • Lump sum financial quotation, with a breakdown of daily consultancy fee, daily subsistence allowance (living allowances is applicable for international consultants only) and ticket fees as applicable – clearly indicate the breakdown of daily fee and number of days of work; please use the financial proposal form in Annex 1.
  • At least two references from recent previous jobs or three references contact details.