Subject Matter Expert (SME) in latrine program finances via ReliefWeb

Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

Calgary, AB, CA

Terms of Reference

1. Assignment:

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in latrine program finances

2. Scope of Work :

We are specifically looking for support in developing a technical brief on finances for a latrine program (5-15 pages). A draft of this technical brief has been created, but it needs to be strengthened and supported by sectoral experience.

We are also creating supporting fact sheets (2 pages) for identified financial approaches.

Both documents require:

· Review of our current materials on finances

· Gap analysis and recommendations for improvement

· Research to strengthen the documents

· Writing new content and improving previous content

· Debrief with a group of CAWST staff on findings

3. Product Purpose and Style

A technical brief is a supporting document for our workshops and also serves as general reading material for people interested in the topic. There are three purposes for the technical brief:

(1) As a reference document for workshop participants

(2) Pre-reading for the facilitator

(3) General reading for CAWST clients interested in the topic. It may be downloaded as a single file from our website or as part of a package of documents on a specified topic.

We try to keep the technical briefs short, so that participants are more likely to read them. On average 5-15 pages of content.

Our writing style is simple and easy to read for the purpose of reaching a broad audience. We aim to write to a grade 8 level.

4. Subject Matter Expert

CAWST works with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to develop our educational materials. Although we have in-house expertise on certain topics, we recognize that finances is not our core strength. We would like to build our own capacity in this field. Therefore, we are looking for a SME in finances in development programs, with experience or interest specifically in latrine programs.

CAWST is looking for someone who can lead the work and communicates regularly with the responsible CAWST staff

5. Project Timeline

We would like to start this work as soon as possible. The hard deadline for the finished product is March 23, 2018.

6. Project Budget

The budget for this work is $3,000.00, including SME time and expenses.

Additional Information:

Scope of the workshop:

CAWST is developing a workshop on latrine program implementation. The purpose of the workshop is to define the different components of a successful latrine program and provide an overview of different approaches and tools used in the sanitation sector. The workshop will provide program implementers with the knowledge and skills to decide which approaches are appropriate for their context. The six different implementation components of a latrine program are creating demand, latrine services, monitoring, capacity development, finances and stakeholder engagement.

Workshop purpose:

There is no standard approach to implement latrine programs. Very often, program implementers (Governments, NGOs, private sector) choose a sanitation approach based on their own preferences, donor preferences or simply because an approach is particularly fashionable at the moment. New approaches are sometimes seen as the best approaches just because they are new. The most successful latrine programs will use approaches that are appropriate to the local context, relevant to the communities they are working with, and adapted to the skills of the implementers.

How to apply:

Please send resume and references to [email protected] by February 15, 2018