Water Utility Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , KZ

The Water Utility Specialist will be responsible for the following tasks: (i) review of the policy, 
legal, regulatory, financial and institutional frameworks for the sector, determine areas for 
improvement in urban water supply and sanitation sector to provide suitable recommendations and 
institutional structure; (ii) propose mechanisms aimed to foster improved coordination among various 
organizations and stakeholders involved in the water supply and sanitation sector; (iii) identify 
specific needs and tailor suitable capacity building programs targeting particularly: (a) financial 
sustainability, (b) tariff setting, (c) system management, and (d) utility management; (iv) identify and 
propose a capacity building program for strengthening institutional structure and implementation 
capacity with respect to financial sustainability and tariff setting, governance, utility performance, 
and private sector participation for (a) the management, and (b) the operational staff of the utility 
companies, identifying specific needs for technical capacity building that must be provided to the utility companies’ personnel in charge of O&M through on-the-job training during construction or specifically tailored training inland or abroad, to secure sustainable O&M of the assets in the long term; (iv) identify the needs for consultants, both national and international, required to be assigned under the detailed design and construction supervision program of the project in order to ensure the proper implementation of the capacity building program, and prepare a descriptive scope of work for said experts; (v) identify the demonstration projects to be undertaken; and (vii) provide support and guidance to the Procurement expert for the: assessment of the procurement capacity of both EA and IA, preparation of contract packaging, arrangements for project implementation, project implementation schedule, scope of work for consultants.