Environment and River Health Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Bangalore, KA, IN

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The Asian Development Bank funded Karnataka Integrated Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Program (KISWRMIP) program has a major component to be implemented by Advanced Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ACIWRM) and River Basin Planning is the flagship activity initially piloting in Tungabhadra sub-basin (K-8) of Krishna basin in Karnataka. 
ACIWRM had prepared the river basin profile as part of the River Basin Planning process for Tungabhadra sub-basin and had also conducted three consultation workshops with various departments dealing with water resources in the State on the contents of the river basin profile. The Environment and River Health Specialist (national position) will provide all the inputs related to Environment and River Health aspects for the river basin plan.
The specialist will support the ACIWRM on providing specific inputs related to the environmental aspects, river health, environmental flows, etc. to be incorporated in river basin planning, impact assessments of low flows on river health, human and animal health. The specialist will support the Director, ACIWRM for compliance with organization norms and policies and development of the AC-IWRM organization. 
Scope of Work
The  Environment and River Health Specialist will collect information, perform analyses, make recommendations and prepare reports regarding environment and river health in Karnataka with specific findings on Tungabhadra sub-basin of the state. The specialist will assist on making recommendations in maintaining the optimal environment in the sub-basin. Carry out specific  study with regards to safeguarding river health and its aquatic life to be incorporated in river basin planning, impact assessments of deterioration and bad health of river and its environment on human and animal health. Economic analysis due to poor river health and environment, etc. 
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Under the supervision of the Director, ACIWRM and River Basin Planning Specialist, the specialist will:
  • i. Collect data, review and make assessments of the environment including flora, fauna, forest, air, eco-sensitive areas, national park, sanctuary, environmental need for water etc. and river health condition, information and analytical systems in the river basins of Karnataka;
  • ii. Study the issue of environmental flows and environmental condition in Karnataka and how these relate to state, national and international standards;
  • iii. Study the responsibilities and approaches of relevant government and non-governmental organizations and their policies, and its current function and mandate;
  • iv. Identify and advise on options for managing environmental flows and environmental condition relevant to river basin plans and policies;
  • v. Consult with and involve responsible agencies working on environment and river health;
  • vi. Assist international specialists during their missions to the project such as fact and figures of minimum flow requirement, ecosensitive spots, its extent and dependency on water, extent of damage occurred due to poor river health and its larger implication to society and human health;
  • vii. Assist with the development of the Karnataka Water Resources Information System and advise on environment and river health monitoring and supporting databases;
  • viii. Prepare reports on data needs, recommendations and practical solutions to mitigate the environmental hazards;
  • ix. Assist with the preparation and delivery of training courses in the subject area;
  • x. Identify equipment/material/software required to measure/monitor environmental parameters and river health;
  • xi. Review statistical data for regulatory compliance; organize and compile environmental and river flora and fauna reports; and store data both in hard copy and digital formats;
  • xii. Conduct research related to environment and river health hazards and set up field surveys; and
  • xiii. Define the environmental indicators and river health index.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
  • Graduate and preferably Post Graduate qualifications in Science or Engineering in Environmental Sciences or Water Resources or other related field and preferably related to surface water flows and its management.
  • At least 10 years of experience of environmental engineering related to water resources management and river health.
  • Proven working experience relevant to the above responsibilities. 
  • Experience and knowledge of river health and the environment.
  • Knowledge of relevant State (preferably Karnataka) and national level policies and institutions related to environment and river health aspects.
  • Demonstrated experience in collecting, analyzing and monitoring environmental flows and environmental condition related information to understand impacts and management.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, interpersonal and presentation skills and capacity to interact effectively with government departments and stakeholders.  
  • Experience in providing training on environment and management.
  • MS Office proficiency, Excellent English skills, Knowledge of Kannada would be an advantage.
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills are essential.