Director of Global Strategy

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

New York, San Francisco or Washington, , US

Overall Function

The Director, Global Strategy Implementation is the hub role within a vibrant and entrepreneurial system of international projects and entities. The Director will manage the execution of EDF’s global strategies to facilitate and support its commitment to solving environmental problems based on sound science, strategic partnerships, and market-based solutions. Working collaboratively with staff across EDF’s many geographies, the Director will be responsible for ensuring alignment and coordination of internal processes and communications, finding and building synergies, and play an integral role in fundraising activities that flow through Global Programs. The Director will serve as trusted support and advisor for the Executive Director, the heads of the European and Chinese entities and the program leads in the various international locations where EDF has project work underway.

The position requires a facilitative leader who understands how to cultivate strong internal communication and collaboration among international teams within the framework of a large, complex organization. S/he should have a working knowledge of EDF’s focal issues (climate, oceans, ecosystems, and health) and an understanding of the broader geo-political context in which the programs operate (currently including US, China, European Union, Mexico, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan). It is essential that the successful candidate be resourceful, resilient, and creative, and has experience in managing high-level relationships and sensitive and confidential information. This position will report to EDF’s Executive Director.

Key Responsibilities

  • Promote an organizational culture and structure that fosters cooperation, communication, collaboration, teamwork, trust, and embraces diversity across EDF’s geographies.
  • Identify and implement tools, processes, and trainings to ensure the programs and geographies receive support, identify and address any internal barriers, and accomplish their strategic goals.
  • Identify points of potential synergies in the global work and facilitate strong communication, sharing of information, and conflict resolution.
  • Understand EDF’s emerging plan and structure for Global Strategy Program governance within the geo-political context and identify issues, constraints, and opportunities for strengthening of EDF’s global presence.
  • Provide feedback and strategic advice to staff and help drive forward work critical to the portfolio of the central Global Strategy Program
  • Support and help build regional staff leadership and the development of successful global staff onboarding and retention programs.
  • Track and coordinate Global Strategy Program progress, producing and/or contributing to regular communication updates and briefings as needed; assist in developing best practices for global reporting across programs.
  • Support and help build expanded global presence for EDF’s cross-cutting functions (i.e. science, economics, political affairs,EDF+Business, and marketing and communications).
  • Collaborate with development staff to prioritize and coordinate fundraising activities.
  • Liaise with EDF’s Director of Global Operations to ensure that all EDF international staff and offices are supported by effective IT, Finance, Legal, HR, and Facilities functions.
  • Supervise the Business Manager, Global Strategy and other Global Strategy team staff members across all geographies.
  • As needed, represent EDF at relevant, external meetings to inform stakeholders of programmatic progress and convey EDF’s subject matter expertise.

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