Staff Attorney (Rhode Island)

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)

Providence, RI, US

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is seeking a staff attorney to work in its Rhode Island Advocacy Center.  Working with the director of the Rhode Island Advocacy Center, as well as CLF’s program directors, the Rhode Island staff attorney will be responsible for identifying and implementing cutting-edge solutions to a variety of compelling environmental problems in Rhode Island and regionally.  CLF’s programs include Clean Energy & Climate Change; Oceans; Clean Water & Healthy Forests; and Healthy Communities & Environmental Justice.  The Staff Attorney’s responsibilities will include negotiating, litigating, advancing policy changes, coalition building, and communicating with the press and the public.

This position is based in CLF’s Providence office.  Membership in the Rhode Island Bar is required.  Experience in a nonprofit public interest advocacy setting is highly desirable.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a highly motivated individual with at least three years of experience practicing environmental law;
  • Have experience working with state and federal environmental laws;
  • Have litigation experience at state court, federal district court, and/or appellate levels;
  • Have excellent analytic abilities, exemplary oral and written communication skills, and a commitment to environmental advocacy;
  • Have the ability to understand and explain scientific issues related to CLF’s environmental advocacy;
  • Be able to devise legal strategies for achieving advocacy goals;
  • Be able to manage multiple advocacy projects;
  • Be a mature self-starter, able to work both independently and as a productive team member;
  • Be a persuasive, credible, well-prepared advocate; and
  • Have the capacity to develop expertise in relevant non-legal technical or policy areas.

Advocacy work may include:

  • Litigating citizen enforcement cases under various provisions of environmental statutes, including the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act;
  • Negotiating settlement agreements including civil penalties, injunctive relief and fee and cost recovery;
  • Working effectively with administrative support staff;
  • Working with other CLF attorneys and communications and policy specialists;
  • Advising community groups and other advocacy groups on legal and policy matters;
  • Building alliances and coalitions among community groups, public officials, business interests, and advocacy organizations;
  • Writing public educational materials, articles and opinion pieces;
  • Educating and advocating to the local, state and federal levels of government;
  • Engaging in public outreach and speaking on advocacy initiatives;
  • Develop policies and draft ordinances/legislation
  • Representing CLF in federal and state court litigation and administrative proceedings, including before environmental protection agencies and public utility commissions, or coordinating CLF’s participation in such proceedings;
  • Working to address issues of climate resilience and adaptation; and
  • Working with the media and through social media to amplify and disseminate CLF’s work and policy goals.

Management Responsibilities

  • Participating in efforts to raise financial support for individual initiatives and for the organization as a whole and preparing funder reports and related materials as requested by the Rhode Island advocacy center director and/or program directors;
  • Being actively involved in the mentoring and recruiting activities for interns, staff, and volunteers;
  • Preparing and presenting for management and board approval proposals for new work; and
  • Participating in program strategic planning.

Salary and Benefits

CLF offers a competitive non-profit salary, an extensive benefits plan, and an open, inclusive and accepting work environment where differences are highly respected.

To Apply

Send a detailed cover letter titled “your last name-first initial-cover” (e.g. “SMITH J COVER”); a resume titled “your last name-first initial-resume” (e.g. “SMITH J RESUME”); and a writing sample titled  “your last name-first initial-writing sample” (e.g. “SMITH J WRITING SAMPLE”) to [email protected]  Please make “RI Staff Attorney” the subject of your e-mail. No phone calls please.