Pakistan citizens: Water Specialist (Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS) Evaluation, Performance Management Support Contract (PERFORM))

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Project Summary: 

In May 2015, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a five-year contract to Management Systems International (MSI) to provide performance management support to USAID-sponsored development programs throughout Pakistan. The Performance Management Support Contract (PERFORM) serves as a centralized management support mechanism that provides services in (1) monitoring, (2) evaluation, (3) assessment, and (4) learning support. PERFORM provides data and information to help USAID/Pakistan project managers improve results through better implementation, design, and learning, enabling it to better target its programming and achieve its goals and objectives .

Position Summary:

MSI is seeking a water specialist for a midterm evaluation of the US-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies project. USAID/Pakistan, in coordination with the Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) is supporting three (3) US-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS) in energy and water that are supported by two (2) American universities. In conjunction with their U.S. partners, the centers will develop programs that produce graduates who are prepared to meet the needs of industry, government, and their communities through applied research. Project activities to support these objectives include: exchange programs and joint and applied research with U.S. partner universities, building and equipping laboratories, developing/reforming curricula, improving university governance, and giving scholarships to support graduate and post-graduate training programs.  

The midterm evaluation will assess the performance of five (5) of the awards under the CAS project. Results will help improve the implementation of these awards for the remaining project duration. The evaluation will assess the effectiveness of university partnerships, overall project management and sustainability of the results including the role of governance structures.

The evaluation will begin on or around March 10, 2018 and finish around the end of June 2018. The anticipated level of effort for the water specialist is approximately 60-65 days. The team will include a team leader, sector experts, research assistants, data analysts, and other support as necessary.  

**Please note: Only citizens of Pakistan are eligible for this position. **


  • Review all relevant documents required to understand the evaluation.
  • Conduct a robust secondary analysis of various documents under the team lead’s guidance.
  • Participate in a team planning workshop (TPW) in Islamabad to finalize the evaluation design and develop data collection instruments and data collection and analysis plans.
  •   Participate in and, at times, lead field research activities including supervising field researchers to collect high-quality data.
  • Participate in data analysis and report writing.
  • Contribute to a debriefing session with USAID/Pakistan.
  • Undertake other tasks required for the successful completion of the study.


  • Minimum master’s degree, or equivalent, in a relevant field.
  • At least seven (7) years of experience working in the water sector.
  • Knowledge of the major Pakistani public-sector institutions and/or private firms involved in energy.
  • Experience designing protocols for, and administering/moderating key informant interviews, group interviews, and focus group discussions.
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a fast moving, dynamic evaluation team operating under strict deadlines to complete the assignment.
  • Experience collecting, managing, synthesizing and analyzing qualitative data to draw out key findings and conclusions and develop draft recommendations.
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to produce high quality products and deliver them on time.
  • Experience working with USAID preferred, but not necessary.