Green Growth Senior Adviser

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Amman, , JO


Based in Seoul, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote a model of economic growth known as “green growth”, which targets key aspects of economic performance such a poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. GGGI works with countries around the world, building their capacity and working collaboratively on green growth policies that can impact the lives of millions. The organization partners with countries, multilateral institutions, government bodies, and private sector to help build economies that grow strongly and are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change.

GGGI supports stakeholders through complementary and integrated workstreams – Green Growth Planning & Implementation and Knowledge Solutions – that deliver comprehensive products designed to assist in developing, financing, and mainstreaming green growth in national economic development plans.

In Jordan, GGGI supports the Government in originating green investment opportunities building on strategic recommendations developed under the National Green Growth Plan (NGGP). GGGI will help address financing barriers to the implementation of the NGGP and support the preparation of bankable green projects with the goal to help transform the country’s green financing model into one that supports green growth and provides better access to national and international green financing.


Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment:

The Consultant shall be part of a team preparing communication material about green growth in Jordan and the MENA region, the National Green Growth Plan and related topics.  The NGGP will be shared with the selected Consultant.

In particular, the objectives of this Consultancy include:

  • Developing information material about the National Green Growth Plan (NGGP) to be shared with stakeholders;
  • Jordanian Ministry of Environment (MoENV) website provides comprehensive information about green growth in Jordan and the NGGP;
  • Information about green growth is shared with a wide public audience.

Scope of Work:

The Consultant shall:

  • Transform the NGGP into key messages that are easy to communicate, comprehensive and tailored to the target audience, and can be used to build a broad constituency of support across government and other stakeholders.
  • Support the Jordanian Government to promote green growth internationally and in Jordan through media, websites and information material.
  • Publish and present the experience from the NGGP program at the website of the Jordanian Ministry of Environment to provide information on green growth and the green growth project.
  • Develop and share lessons emerging from the implementation experience, including case studies or papers on Jordan‘s green growth experience as a MENA region example.
  • Share the NGGP content through brochures, CD’s, websites and other means with stakeholders. These items will be purchased by GGGI.
  • Describe responsibilities among government stakeholders in communicating green growth benefits
  • Support the Green Economy Unit in the Jordanian Ministry to function as an information hub for green growth.
  • Help establish plans for knowledge and skills transfer associated with the implementation of the green growth
  • Help present National Green Growth Plan to stakeholders and build capacity for green growth planning and implementation among key stakeholders.

Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables:

The Consultant shall deliver and ensure:

  • Website contents to present Jordan’s work on green growth is prepared and posted online
  • NGGP brochures and information material, including a brochure summarizing the NGGP’s green financing chapter, are developed and shared with stakeholders
  • A Final Report describing the lessons learnt from the development of the NGGP, incorporating all GGGI comments and feedback.

All deliverables must be submitted to GGGI for approval, before publication.  All deliverables are due by 31 October 2016.  After this, the Consultant shall monitoring the interaction levels, complete the necessary actions to raise the interaction level (if needed) and adjust the content according to the feedback.

All reports must be in English, in accordance with GGGI’s formatting requirements, and submitted in hard copy and digital formats along with complete sets of raw data, research materials, and interview notes. The brochure and website deliverables must be in English, and Arabic.  GGGI can assist in translation to Arabic, if necessary.


  • At least 10 years professional experience in designing communication material about national development plans and policies, preferably in the field of green growth and sustainable economic development.
  • A master’s degree or comparable advanced degree in a public policy related field (e.g. economics, politics) or equivalent professional experience is an advantage.
  • Expertise and experience in awareness raising and capacity building.
  • Excellent communication skills to positively influence and convince stakeholders
  • Excellent skills in designing comprehensive information material that summarizes complex information
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English and Arabic.
  • Excellent technical writing skills.