Geospatial Architect

Xentity Corporation

Washington, DC, US

Are you in GIS, but find yourself more interested in designing geospatial solutions vs. GIS technology alone? Do you want to address more the decisions on what geospatial data we should invest in and how to invest smarter? OK, can you also then do the Geospatial and GIS technical and architecture analysis and recommend a logical solution? Maybe you’ve been a Mission Solutions or Enterprise Architect, and have become a Geospatial Expert. This position may be for you.

We are searching for this type of motivated architect. It is not a GIS programmer, administrator, specific technology analyst role. Those are important, but not this role. We need a highly motivated visionary who in the first month on a new Federal client can develop a concept of operations for new geospatial service models. Within the first three months be able to not only make recommendations, but to have navigated the political and educational water of fast moving new geospatial solutions. Finally, within the first year, see the recommendations come to life by coaching, mentoring, educating, and assuring the implementation is tracking to your architecture, roadmap, and transition plans time, metrics, and costs. 

The work is expected to be at a Federal “Earth Agency” (agencies involved in air, land, water, energy, science, remote sensing, mapping, or the like supporting resource management or studies). Your solutions will be the face of the clients end services, products, and internal geospatial processes within their program, and you’ll be able to look back and see you are a key hero who helped transformed geospatial impact at this organization. ? 

We do not have a current open position, but are looking for people selecting their next career step up. 

You will be expected to be the be a trusted advisor to GS-15 and SES level government program and project sponsors. You would be the direct point of contact requiring a customer service focus on being accountable and decisive to rapidly respond to requests.  You will have to be a expert on several fronts: Culture, Mission and Technology


  • Most importantly, we expect extremely high scores on our leadership competencies as you will be responsible for introducing major change. You will need to be an architect, idea salesperson, presenter, facilitator, and at times agitator to help your client demonstrate the value and capabilities to mission and science programs to various stakeholders – to the technical, the executive, the scientist and the citizen.
  • We expect you to be keenly interested in change motivation approaches, have researched our leadership and management competencies, and have clear demonstration of such demonstrating you are built as a change agent.


  • Obviously, the world of Geospatial data, Federal Programs and Geo (i.e. FGDC, A-16, Geoplatform, Major Agencies, etc.), and myriads of geospatial services, products and mission use. You will need to rapidly and proactively ramp-up on Client lingo, context, and expectations
  • Experience in Geospatial data lifecycle including program planning, various data acquisition techniques including remote sensing, surveying, and partnering, familiar with geospatial data production lifecycle on top of general data lifecycle management, geospatial service delivery, and business resource management patterns in geospatial programs
  • Familiar with Natural Resource Management and Science Mission space – Planning, Policy, Land Management, State and International Issues/Topics with Federal Government in Natural Resources Management. (i.e. experience in NEPA)
  • Familiar with key geospatial programs in Federal Government, Industry and various roles in private sector from technology, software, data, and remote sensing


  • Up to date on various geospatial technologies, software packages, hardware options and providers in geospatial space, and how fits into overall data supplier and information technology spaces.
  • Expert in the Architecture transformation methods (i.e. FSAM, MBT, CPM) and Frameworks (i.e. FEA, TOGAF, DODAF, etc.)
  • You will be expected to understand legacy GIS, and early Geospatial models as well as stay on the forefront and demonstrated vigilant external curiosity to new Geospatial models and new disruptions highlighted on Xentity’s web site.

You will work directly with and get domain guidance from our Architecture lead and report to our Chief Architect who have both been significant Federal Geospatial change agents for multiple decades. Both enjoy mentoring, collaboration, and making appropriate decisions and as quite familiar with these client strategies, tactics, protocols, and solutions that will be successful. Our client base enjoys the value these two bring, and have made repeated requests for support for them and their teams over the years. Our goal would for your personal brand to grow to that level of trusted advisorship as well.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Masters in Business Administration, Information Technology, or specific relevant subject area
  • Must be able to travel 10-20% of the time in US, possible AK/HI or International
  • Previous experience supporting scientific programs, preferably government related, in earth management and sciences including marine, atmospheric, hydrological, topographic, geological, renewable, or a myriad of dozens of other critical earth sciences.
  • Must be able to rapidly context switch across subject matter, communication and architecture products, and stakeholder audiences.
  • Experience with remote sensing, image processing, Geospatial data editing, and Web Service Architecture
  • Must be able to pass basic NACI, background, drug and reference checks
  • Have a home office  with frequent on-site presence or on-site 100%
  • Must be able to demonstrate fast, quality typing as well as fast visual prototyping. Bonus: if can get hands-on in geospatial technology
  • Tool Experience in PowerPoint, Visio, Office Automation, ESRI, GeoServer, OGC, Metadata Standards, and preferably newer BigData, RDF and SEO technologies
  • No Relocation Assistance, must be local

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