Program Education Specialist (Water Conservation)

Athens, GA, US

Purpose of Job
The purpose of this job is to provide education to students, citizens, and businesses on all Water Conservation Programs.  Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating various Water Conservation Programs for all age groups in the Athens-Clarke County community; administering permit and code enforcement requirements as related to water use and drought responses; planning and coordinating water conservation customer service activities and special events; designing and developing publications and communications; create, coordinate, and monitor social media marketing and outreach efforts;  and performing additional tasks as assigned. 

Job Related Requirements

Schedule: M-F, 8AM-5PM. Work outside of normal business hours may be required.

May be required to work on religious holidays.

Regular and predictable attendance is required.

Must work cooperatively with others. 

When requirements include vehicle operation, responsible for the safety, readiness and operation of the vehicle and must abide by ACC’s safe driving policy.

Minimum Training & Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

Bachelor’s degree in a course of study related to Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Event Planning, Education, Horticulture, Hydrology, Environmental Science, or related field with two years of experience in an environmental field, water resources, environmental education, horticulture, building operations, or related work experience required; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. 
Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Essential Duties, Responsibilities

The following duties are normal for this job. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

Develops and coordinates public education and outreach efforts related to the Water Conservation and Public Utilities Department programs.
Assists with the development of short-term and long-term goals for water conservation programming. 
Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates programs, events, activities, camps, workshops, and/or celebrations for all age groups as related to water conservation and water resources issues; creates, revises, and updates programming to meet community and department needs. 

Works with other departments and local non-profit organizations to coordinate, manage, and/or assist with special events, projects, and joint-education programs.

Designs, constructs, and maintains educational displays and exhibits to promote water conservation and the Public Utilities Department.
Coordinates and leads tours of the drinking water treatment plant and water reclamation facilities for school groups, college classes, and the general public.
Develops, coordinates, and schedules education programs in the Water Resources Center.
Serves as a community resource person for programs and special events; serves as a department liaison for various community groups and organizations. 
Assists in preparing budget proposals for programs and special events. 
Schedules the use of department and community facilities as required for programs and special events.
Trains volunteers, teachers, pre-service teachers, and other community members in environmental education techniques, methods, and philosophies. 
Teaches water conservation/environmental education topics to a variety of age groups, using various educational techniques.
Maintains documentation and records of all aspects of education programs.
Assists as media relations liaison for water conservation activities. 
Develops and coordinates distribution of instructional and promotional material for Public Utilities Department.
Uses computer software to develop instructional and promotional materials for water conservation programs, including logos, images, brochures, advertisements, and signage.
Creates, maintains, and distributes publicity and/or promotional materials for programs and special events; assists with special promotional campaigns, coordinates school education programs, and prepares articles for newsletters.
Assists with the development and overall maintenance of the Public Utilities Water Conservation website. 
Researches, writes, and develops content and design for print and electronic publications to communicate with various audiences. 
Develops social media strategies and content across multiple social media channels, including:  blogs, tweets, status updates, pins, photos, and videos.
Administers department permit operations and code/enforcement requirements as related to water conservation, ordinances, and drought responses. 
Maintains detailed records of programming, permitting, and water use code violations/enforcement. 
Provides technical expertise and advice related to indoor/outdoor water use while promoting water conservation, water efficiency, and Best Management Practices.
Assists with the management of daily operations and performs the duties of the Water Conservation Coordinator in his/her absence. 

Assists with preparing award applications, research (focus groups, polls, etc.), and preparing grant proposals.

Makes hiring recommendations, trains, and supervises assigned graduate assistant, interns, and volunteers. 

Presents at professional conferences, seminars, and workshops to highlight and promote the work of the Public Utilities Department and Water Conservation Office.

Promotes water conservation at the state, regional, and national level.

Provides information and other customer services to students, citizens, and businesses; addresses, solves, or forwards citizen inquiries and complaints to appropriate personnel. 

Performs clerical duties related to position, including cataloging and organizing program materials.
Performs other related duties as required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of the policies, practices and procedures of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County and the Public Utilities Department. 
Knowledge of established organizational, managerial, human relations methods and techniques. 
Knowledge and proficiency with the use of computers and software related to the position. 
Ability to develop and administer policies, procedures, plans and activities and to monitor performance against measured established goals. 
Ability to plan, organize and prioritize assignments and work activities.
Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and other staff members.
Ability to effectively communicate and interact with management, employees, members of the general public and all other groups involved in the activities of the Athens – Clarke County Government as they relate to the Public Utilities Department. 
Ability to assemble information and make written reports and documents in a concise, clear and effective manner. 
Ability to use independent judgment and discretion in routing and non-routine situations.
Ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply regulations, procedures, and related information. 
Ability to handle required mathematical calculations. 
Ability to plan and coordinate programs involving large groups of people.

Supplemental Information

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must be physically able to operate a variety of machinery and equipment including a computer, printer, calculator, copy machine, two-way radio, and telephone. This position requires:  walking, standing, bending, stooping, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling, seeing, talking, hearing, and repetitive motions. Must be able to exert up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently. Physical demand requirements are at levels of those of light work.
DATA CONCEPTION: Requires the ability to compare and or judge the readily observable functional, structural, or compositional characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people, or things.
INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to hear, speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information. Includes giving/receiving assignments and/or directions to/from co-workers, assistants or supervisors.
LANGUAGE ABILITY: Requires ability to read a variety of water use records, graphical displays, informational documentation, directions, instructions, methods and procedures. Requires the ability to prepare letters, reports, forms, spreadsheets, brochures, etc., using prescribed formats and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style. Requires the ability to speak to individuals and/or groups of people with poise, voice control, and confidence.
INTELLIGENCE: Requires the ability to learn and understand relatively complex principles and techniques; to acquire and be able to expound on knowledge of topics related to primary occupation; and to make independent judgment in the absence of management.
VERBAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, and to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of administrative, technical or professional languages including water/wastewater, water conservation, and financial terminology.
NUMERICAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas; add and subtract totals; multiply and divide; determine percentages; interpret graphs; compute discount, interest, profit/loss, ratio/proportion, etc.; perform calculations involving variables/formulas/square roots/polynomials.
FORM/SPATIAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width, and shape, visually with a variety of machinery and equipment including a computer, printer, calculator, copy machine, two-way radio, and telephone.
MOTOR COORDINATION: Requires the ability to coordinate hands, fingers, and eyes accurately in using office equipment.  Requires the ability to use the keyboard, lift, bend, push, and pull objects or materials using body parts as the position necessitates.
MANUAL DEXTERITY: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items such as automated office equipment, office supplies, and computer supplies. Must have the ability to use one hand for twisting or turning motion while coordinating other hand with different activities. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.
COLOR DISCRIMINATION: Requires the ability to differentiate between colors and shades of color.
INTERPERSONAL TEMPERAMENT: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under minimal stress when confronted with an emergency.
PHYSICAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to talk and/or hear: (Talking – expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words). (Hearing – perceiving nature of sounds by ear). Must be able to communicate via telephone and two-way radio.