Environmental Specialist

Saudi Aramco

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Position Description

We are seeking an Environmental Specialist to join the Water Treatment & Conservation Division (WT&CD) of the Environmental Protection Department. 
The WT&CD is responsible for fulfilling the following strategic objectives in the fields of water conservation, water treatment, groundwater protection and wastewater management: assure compliance, enhance performance, promote stewardship and shape policy. In addition, the WT&CD provides consultation for internal Saudi Aramco organizations, joint ventures and subsidiaries, and external bodies in the mentioned water-related fields. 
The Environmental Specialist primary role is to provide high-level technical consultations related to water treatment as well as water resources management and water sustainability. The candidate should provide technical consultations and solutions to operations/projects related to water conservation and treatment of various types of water streams in refining, gas operations, oil production operations and company communities. He/She should participate in the development of new water technologies or the adaptation of existing technologies to company operations with emphasis on reuse for industrial applications. He/She should be capable of conducting comprehensive water assessment of facilities and develop a plan to optimize the facility’s water demand, minimize its water losses, and maximize it wastewater reuse. He/She should support the professional development of younger Saudi engineers in the field of water management.
Minimum Requirements
  • Master’s degree or PhD in environmental, chemical, or civil engineering (water treatment focus) from a recognized and approved program. A Professional Engineering (PE) certification or equivalent is preferred. 
  • You should have thirteen years of professional experience in water treatment engineering, including at least five with full responsibility for major technical work in the environmental field. It is preferred to have a minimum of two years of experience in water and wastewater treatment for the Oil and Gas industry. 
  • You must have strong technical skills and will have a Professional Engineer certification or equivalent. 
  • You must have an excellent command of oral and written English, and must be able to speak, write and present reports and/or articles using scientific terminology and terms understandable at various levels and audiences. 
  • You must be willing and able to conduct fieldwork. 
  • You must have extensive post-graduate participation in technical seminars, continual education courses and workshops, and/or industrial research. 
  • You must have presented technical papers at international and local conferences and/or published work in renowned, peer-reviewed technical journals. 
  • You will also have a history of active participation in water-related technical societies. 
  • Experience in industry standards for water treatment is a requirement. 
  • Familiarity with environmental practices worldwide is also necessary, while familiarity with Saudi Arabian environmental regulations is desirable.


Duties & Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following: 

  • Provide work direction for the corporate water conservation program, including assessment of ideas and methods to improve water use at existing facilities and operations, assuring efficiency and conformance to the objectives of the water conservation policy, evaluation of new water technologies. 
  • Provide expert advice to troubleshoot water treatment systems for water desalination, cooling water and boiler water; and provide technical assistance for the resolution of operational problems in coordination with other areas of the environmental field. 
  • Provide scope, justification, schedule, cost analysis and technical expert advice for water-related studies and other environmental and engineering studies. 
  • Develop and maintain engineering standards and specifications to be used for the design and operation of existing and renovated/upgraded facilities, as well as environmental standards and procedures to ensure state-of-the-art and cost effective methods are followed. 
  • Execute scheduled environmental compliance audits, environmental management system audits, and other water-related technical assessments of Company facilities to identify and eliminate/minimize the environmental impact of Company operations. 
  • Act as Saudi Aramco’s representative in dealings with vendors and manufacturers pertaining to water treatment, and evaluate the capabilities of contractors to perform environmental services for Saudi Aramco. 
  • Provide training on water treatment to junior and senior level professionals within the Company and mentoring to Saudi environmental scientists. 
  • Participate in conferences and awareness events and support other Company organizations