Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Haiti Outreach

Job Title:                                      Director of Monitoring and Evaluation 

Current Holder:                         Brian Jensen

Department/Group:                Department of Monitoring and Evaluation

Location:                                     Pignon, Haiti            

Position Reports To:                Country Director

Apply by:                                     February 15 2018

Haiti Outreach is a leader in creating collaborative Monitoring, Evaluation, and Planning schemes in Haiti’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygeine (WASH) sector*. The core to its success is the focus on building Transparency, Integrity, Authority and Responsibility within the organization and across the water sector. This position provides a unique opportunity to help create the monitoring schemes that the sector uses and guide its strategy to 100% access to potable water. We are looking for a leader that can work with local, regional and national partners to step out of the project based approach and drive transparent, data-driven plans for the realization of universal access to WASH services. This position is for someone who seeks to change the conversation from short term, externally driven aid, to long term, Haitian-led development.

*Visit for a brief overview of our current survey and monitoring framework.


At Haiti Outreach, we are committed to our vision: “For Haiti to Become a Developed Country”. Our program is based on empowering Haitians to responsibly manage their water infrastructure for all-time. This requires Transparency, Integrity, Authority and Responsibility at all levels of the water sector, from the government hierarchy to the individual water users, from the NGO to the local authorities.

Our main program is to drive the expansion of community-managed clean water wells and water systems, along with sanitation education, with the commitment that everyone in the country has access to clean water and improved sanitation.

Haiti Outreach has its main operational headquarters in Pignon, Haiti, and an administrative and fundraising office in Hopkins, MN, where this position is based.   In Haiti, we have 41 employees; in Minnesota we currently have 3 employees.   Please visit for more information.


  1. Objective Statement and Primary Responsibilities

This position exists to provide monitoring, evaluation and planning services both within the organization and to the sector as a whole.


  1. Monitor and help maximize Haiti Outreach’s:
    1. Outputs
      1. Community managed wells- CPE (Committee Pointe d’Eau)
      2. Piped water systems-SAEP (Systems d’Approvissionman en Eau Potab)
    2. Outcomes
      1. Access to potable water
      2. Access to FRAPE water
        1. (F) Functional
        2. (R) Managed
        3. (A) Sanitation coverage
        4. (P) Potable
        5. (E) Inspected
    3. Impacts
      1. Decrease in incidence of diarrheal disease
      2. Increased economic welfare


  1. Support local, regional, and national partners in monitoring the sector and guiding a shared strategy
    1. FRAPE water survey
    2. Commune action planning
    3. Integration of systems across various partners


  1. Functions
  1. Manage department staff (5+) to ensure high quality deliverables on time and under budget
  2. Supervise the generation and analysis of data and the creation of data products
  3. Supervise FRAPE water survey expansion
  4. Supervise Commune Action Planning expansion
  5. Supervise IT functions
  6. Support project creation
  7. Communicate Haiti Outreach’s Key Performance Indicators internally and externally
  8. Project/proposal writing


  1. Experience, Attributes and Skills
  1. Dedicated to locally led sustainable development
  2. Demonstrated accomplishments helping organizations to monitor programs and maximize their impact.
  3. Has worked with Local Partners (Local Authorities, Water Agencies, NGO’s and Communities) to conduct field surveys and drive actions
  4. Experience managing a team
  5. Professional and personal attributes, demonstrated through work experience
    1. Strategic – uses long-range goals to drive planning and guide actions
    2. Motivated and energized by an organization’s mission, vision, and challenging goals
    3. Excellent interpersonal skills
      1. Friendly and comfortable in professional / social situations
    4. Creative, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate
    5. Highest level of integrity and professionalism
    6. Excellent coordinator – Highly organized.  Able to multi-task and to synchronize a range of activities and people to achieve an integrated goal. 
  6. Information Systems Experience and Skills
    1. Experience in mobile data collection and visualization platforms
    2. Skilled in usage of word products
    3. Familiarity working within databases
    4. Familiarity with usage of GIS products
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both informal settings and in formal presentations
    1. English
    2. Haitian Creole
    3. French


  1. Education and Training
  1. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field


  1. Compensation

                  A. Full-time Position

                  B. Compensation depending on experience

                  C. Benefits.

If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter and CV or resume via email to:           [email protected]