Indonesia nationals: National Consultant for Provincial WASH Facilitator

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Makassar, Indonesia 🇮🇩

The UNICEF WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program supports the acceleration of the Government sanitation program, STBM. Furthermore, UNICEF WASH also advocates for adequate WASH facilities (hardware and hygiene promotion) in schools and health facilities. UNICEF provides technical support at National and sub-national level to Government to achieve an open defecation free for Indonesia, and on water quality issues to achieve safe drinking water in homes. In province level, the program supports the respective government offices (Bappeda, Provincial Health Office, and Provincial Education Office) to ensure optimal survival, growth and development of children in Indonesia. The main priority of the sanitation programme is for Indonesia to achieve Universal Access for Sanitation (UAS) by 2019, as stated on Medium Term National Government Development Plan (RPJMN 2015-2019).

To ensure high quality technical support to WASH Programme, UNICEF is aiming to recruit a consultant to link closely with South Sulawesi Provincial Government on the acceleration and consolidation of the WASH Programme and strengthening the strategic linkages across other actors at provincial level as well as linkages to the national and district level.  The consultant will provide strategic and technical assistance to the Bappeda, Provincial Health Office (PHO), and other member of Provincial Water and Sanitation Working Group (Pokja AMPL) in South Sulawesi on issues related to the development of a critical evidence base, support to technical writing and publishing of policy briefs, scientific papers etc. The SSA will enhance the role of Provincial Pokja AMPL on supporting its districts in the knowledge sharing, data management, and capacity development. The SSA will also provide the linkage between other water sanitation programs in the province level, i.e. Pamsimas and PPSP. The SSA will support STBM on knowledge management, advocacy, coordination and monitoring & evaluation to achieve the objectives of the Provincial STBM Program.

Knowledge Management is essential if the STBM program is to accelerate –it is critical that the Pokja AMPL captures, develops and shares the best practices from field level implementation of STBM to spread this knowledge but to also place itself as a central point and leader on recognising knowledge from the Districts. In addition, high quality technical briefs may be required to support advocacy on the program and so evidence needs to be well packaged for high level impact, as outlined in the Supply Plan for Output 1.2 and Output 1.3 SSA for KM knowledge base strengthening.

Under the dual supervision of the UNICEF WASH Programme Officer and the Head of Bappeda South Sulawesi, this consultancy work aims to accelerate via a strong focus on technical support directly to the Pokja AMPL South Sulawesi, based in Provincial Bappeda. Provincial WASH Facilitator are needed to:

  • Support the Local Government in achieving the targets of WASH programme, in accordance to UAS 2019, in terms of the key deliverables but also support where required on issues related to programme implementation. 
  • Support the achievement of targets and objectives of sanitation programme in general.
  • Link with the objectives of the UNICEF WASH programme cooperation with the local government and CSO partners.


  • Perform situational analysis on current WASH and WinS in South Sulawesi and selected direct district including funding gap to reach universal access target on water and sanitation;
  • Provide technical support to Pokja AMPL at provincial and district level on the development, implementation and monitoring of STBM roadmap;
  • Under consultation with WASH program officer, provide technical support to halted districts and sub-districts in accelerating the achievement of ODF village;
  • Provide technical support to provincial and selected districts Government to improve data management on WASH and WinS;
  • Support integration of WinS into district sanitation strategy (PPSP), PAMSIMAS projects, and UKS program in selected districts;
  • Mainstreaming implementation of interventions relevant to improve MHM and WinS through UKS and and Education Office at District level;
  • Provide technical support to provincial POKJA AMPL in documenting and disseminating good practice on WASH, WinS and MHM;
  • Organize 6 coordination meetings involving relevant WASH partners at provincial & district levels.


  • Situational analysis report with highlighted area of gap in achieving universal access target on water and sanitation (Including the analysis to utilize ZISWAF);
  • STBM roadmap of implementation document at provincial level legalized by Governor;
  • Monitoring report of STBM roadmap implementation (including STBM roadmap in Luwu Utara, Bupati Barru Decree on STBM);
  • Document on budgeted acceleration plan to reach ODF village in three districts;
  • Progress report on ODF village achievement in three districts;
  • Progress report on data availability and utilization on WASH & WinS (including funding availability) at provincial level and selected districts that linked to existing platform, i.e. STBM smart, nawasis and other recording & reporting patform;
  • Updated SSK in 3 Districts with WinS component;
  • WinS shared on PPSP kickoff and UKS meeting at provincial level;
  • WinS included on Districts WASH Action Plan (PAMSIMAS locations); 
  • Updated planning document (APBD) with the inclusion of MHM and WinS components in 3 Districts;
  •  RPP on PHBS training module developed and shared;
  • Four knowledge management product developed and disseminated;
  • Report on 6 coordination meetings conducted is provided,



  • One suitably qualified professional with a degree in Public Health, Environmental Studies or Social Sciences with solid experience of working on review and documentation, especially linked to WASH issues
  • Have knowledge and experience of the rural water supply and or sanitation programmes (e.g. PPSP, Pamsimas, STBM), at National and / or Sub-national level
  • Understanding of the WASH sector in the Indonesian context as well as the related Government structures for program implementation at sub-national and National level i.e. National Program for Sanitation Development is an advantage
  • Have experience and interested to the knowledge management, advocacy and participatory monitoring & evaluation; preferably has published advocacy and scientific briefs already
  • Should be updated on development issues, social policies, economic issues, and have the ability to liaise with various departments, institutions, NGOs and experts.
  • Knowledge, ability to use computer, MS Office, is essential.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Bahasa is mandatory, capability speaking and writing in English is a very strong asset.


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