Graduate Student Researcher via AGU

Washington State University

Pullman, WA, US

Two funded PhD positions are available for candidates with interest in local- to regional-scale hydrologic processes and coupled human-natural systems studies. Both positions will work to quantify the balance between freshwater availability and use for a diversity of demands. Competitive applicants will have modeling and programming experience, especially applied to hydrologic sciences, groundwater and/or Earth system processes. The positions will focus on:

  • Large-scale groundwater systems: This position will advance quantitative methods to assess the state of large-scale groundwater resources. A main project focus will be on integrating diverse data types into an analytical framework, including ground-based and remotely-sensed data as well as model output.
  • Modeling and remote sensing for decision support: This position will enhance the cyberinfrastructure and technical capacity required to enable integrated modeling and remote sensing platforms to support water resources management. An interdisciplinary approach will be required to balance stakeholder needs related to connected water, food, and energy systems.

Both positions will begin at Washington State University in Pullman, WA in August 2018.

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Contact [email protected] with questions.