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The UNICEF Zimbabwe Country Office is seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified Consulting Institutions to enter into a contract to provide assessment, supervisory and monitoring oversight on rehabilitation of water and sewerage works rehabilitation in small towns and growth points.

Background: UNICEF as part of its WASH Programme is currently implementing the Small Towns WASH Programme (STWP) in 14 small towns in Zimbabwe with funding from the Australian Government over the period 2013 to 2017. The STWP includes the rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage systems, support to Local Authorities for adoption of improved operation and maintenance practices and protocols, and improvement of operational efficiencies, as well as institutional capacity building, customer care and hygiene promotion. The rehabilitation works are being undertaken in two phases, with each phase covering seven towns respectively.

Depending on availability of funding, UNCEF intends to implement a WASH programme in growth points/small communities, which will also include a component on the rehabilitation of piped water schemes.

The specialized nature of the rehabilitation works in the above indicated programmes for the period 2016-2017 requires specific engineering expertise to support the planning and detailed assessment leading to the identification of the scope of works, as well as the monitoring of subsequent implementation. This will also include coordination with the various parties involved such as Local Authorities, Zimbabwe National Water Authority, Consultants and Contractors.

For the works on-going under the Small Towns WASH Programme, technical services are required to support the monitoring and quality assurance for the implementation of the works, provision of technical oversight as well as the systems’ performance monitoring during the defects liability period.

It is therefore proposed to complement UNICE Zimbabwe’s in-house WASH capacity with specialized engineering capacity through a consulting institution providing an experienced consultant / team to cover the activities and deliverables included in this Terms of Reference.

Objectives The overall goal of the consultancy is to provide specialized technical assistance for the implementation of the UNICEF WASH Programme in its urban component. Specific objectives include:

  • Monitoring, quality assurance and technical oversight for the implementation of rehabilitation works during the consultancy period.

  • Provide technical advice and oversight for the planning, prioritization and definition of scope of rehabilitation works for UNICEF WASH interventions in the ongoing STWP (through variation orders) as well as definition of works for urban small centres / growth points and piped water schemes.

  • Technical support to Local Authorities in the implementation of O&M protocols and procedures

    Qualifications: In order to effectively deliver on this assignment the Consulting Institution should be able to provide a highly qualified and experienced WASH Expert as Lead Consultant with the following qualifications:

  • A degree in Civil Engineering or other related field, an advanced degree would be an added advantage.

  • At least fifteen years of practical experience of design and supervision of urban water supply and sewage works, including experience in contract management and cost recovery.

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills, organizational networking, the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with a range of government and civil society partners

  • Possess initiative and a drive to achieve results
  • Demonstrated communication skills in English (both written and verbal)
  • Consultant should be familiar with rehabilitation works of water and sewage systems in urban areas in Zimbabwe. Familiarity with the water and sewage systems in the target towns will be an added advantage.
  • Familiarity with UNICEF processes will be an additional added advantage.


  • Interested Institutions can submit additional team members to complement WASH experts’ experience.

  • Consulting institutions must be based in Zimbabwe.

Support Consultants- The team must include at least one support consultant, with the following qualifications and competencies:

  • A degree in electrical and/or mechanical engineering
  • At least ten years of practical experience in the design and supervision of installation of pumping equipment and associated works for water and sewerage systems
  • Familiarity with the operation and maintenance of urban water and sewerage systems in Zimbabwe

Other Considerations

  • The number and profile of the consulting team members will be proposed by the proposers in order that the team size, experience, qualifications, references, mix and complementarity of expertise, availability and level of effort is convincing that the proposed objectives of the consultancy can be met.

  • The number of persons and the level of effort of the respective experts should be appropriate and ensure a high quality and timely evaluation process;

  • A strong commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results–i.e. evidence of similar work—is highly desirable;

How to apply:

Response Requirements: At this stage, UNICEF is requesting Expression of Interest from Consulting Institutions or Individuals interested in competing for contract provide assessment, supervisory and monitoring oversight on rehabilitation of water and sewerage works rehabilitation in small towns and growth points. Interested Individuals / Institutions should submit detailed and complete institutional profile information and documents, together with a written “Expression of Interest” in response to this advertisement. Information provided will be reviewed to assess the suitability of each proposer to be included in the upcoming competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

If you/your Institution is interested in participating in the planned solicitation and meets the requirements with suitable experience, please reply to this EOI with the reference: “CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THE REHABILITATION OF WATER AND SANITATION SERVICES IN SMALL TOWNS AND GROWTH POINTS IN ZIMBABWE by either email or mail no later than *12:00 noon Harare local time on Tuesday 19 July 2016.**

We strongly encourage responses at the earliest. Email responses should be addressed to [email protected] and copy [email protected]. Mailed responses can be sent to The Supply Unit, UNICEF Harare Office, 6 Fairbridge Avenue, P.O. Box 1250, Belgravia. Harare, Zimbabwe.