USA citizens: Postdoctoral Researcher

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO, US

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University (CSU) is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in the economics of insurance and natural resource use, with a focus on groundwater extraction. The selected individual will work with Dr. Manning and Dr. Goemans at CSU, and with Roger Claassen at the USDA Economic Research Service. Approximately one-third of the fellow’s time will be spent in Washington, DC, merging confidential, field-level crop insurance data with newly developed remote sensing data on land use and groundwater pumping. These data will be used to develop empirical models explaining crop insurance enrollment and its impact on land and water use. In addition, an optimization model will be developed that describes the dynamic incentives created by current crop insurance programs. Results will be used to examine the implications of crop insurance on current conservation initiatives being implemented at both federal and local levels.

The position is funded through a USDA NIFA grant and the individual will work closely with researchers on an interdisciplinary multi-institutional USDA Coordinated Agricultural Project. Collaboration with another CSU Postdoctoral Fellow in water economics will be encouraged. The current position can leverage data, stakeholder relationships, and institutional knowledge created through this complementary work. US citizenship is required.