International Sanitation Financing and Marketing Consultant

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The main purpose of the Sanitation Marketing and Financing (SMF) Consultant is to strengthen and scale up the SMF approach from three states to all six SHAWN states. The Sanitation Financing and Marketing consultant will specifically work with the SMEDAN, State Polytechnics and the state/LGA consultants for on boarding, training and monitoring performance of TBOs in the three additional SHAWN states. For the performance monitoring of the TBOs and the SMEDAN, the consultant will work closely with the WASHIM consultant to develop a smart phone based monitoring system. The consultant will also train SMEDAN to onward train TBOs in the use of pre-developed record keeping registers providing details such as number of orders received, number of order completed, delivery time, types of toilets provided and cost info etc. The consultant will assist UNCIEF Field Staff in developing proposal template for engagement of SMEDAN.

The SFM consultant will also develop a mechanism for LGAs to ensure that the TBOs deliver quality latrine construction services to maintain the communities’ trust and interest in investments in improved sanitation. Upon approval of the proposed mechanism by the WASH specialist, the consultant will work with the state and LGA consultants to capacitate LGA staff in the quality certification and assurance process.

The consultant will finalize the ANAMFIN funding proposal to support and guide all 42 partner MFIs to start sanitation lending.  The consultant will also develop the modalities for utilization of state government funding (in Katsina, Bauchi and Zamfara) for interest free lending to MFIs based on consultations with key stakeholders. The consultant will develop sample expression of interest, model agreements between the state and the MFI for initiating such loan financing. The consultant will provide necessary mentoring and monitoring support along with ANAMFIN to make sure that this intervention matures and delivers on the promise of cheaper loans.

The consultant will also study and assess the continuity of The Rural Finance Institution Building Programme (RUFIN) and if feasible will engage RUFIN to ensure that the 2000 trained Adashes are monitored, supported/mentored for sustained functioning leading to higher savings and lending for the construction of improved toilets. Either a separate PCA will be signed with RUFIN or its services will be secured through a proposal from FMWR. In order to ensure performance based payment to RUFIN for their services in support of sanitation financing work, the consultant will develop an evidence based Adashes support/mentoring mechanism for RUFIN and payments to RUFIN will be linked to real time geotagged data evidenceThis reporting system will also provide weekly information on: number of active Adashes; loans provided; default rate; and type and number of toilets constructed etc. If RUFIN future engagement is uncertain then the consultant will work to link and peg Adashes to an appropriate local government institutions for their continuity, routine data collection, monitoring and mentoring support as explained above.



The Consultant will be based in the UNICEF Nigeria Country Office, Abuja and will work closely with National Task Group on Sanitation, Central Bank of Nigeria, Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria (ANMFIN), Ministry of Agriculture/RUFIN as well as UNICEF National and Field Office colleagues. The tasks will involve travelling to States, LGAs and communities for consultation with relevant government partners.

Major Tasks to be Accomplished

Under the overall guidance of Chief of WASH and with supervision from the WASH Specialist, the key tasks for Sanitation Financing and Marketing Consultant include the following;

  1. Under the guidance of the WASH specialist, develop and implement sanitation marketing and financing scaling up plan to expand to three additional SHAWN states and deepen the implementation across all six SHAWN states
  2. Finalize funding proposal for partnership with SMEDAN, RUFIN, ANAMFIN (as explained under Purpose above) for subsequent engagement of these agencies in implementation of the sanitation marketing and financing scale up plan.
  3. Develop and operationalize monitoring mechanisms to track the progress of TBOs, Adashes MFIs, SMEDAN, RUFIN, ANMFIN and LGAs. The data from the monitoring dashboard will serve the basis for weekly LGA, monthly state level and quarterly national review meetings.
  4. Effect, operationalise and support States-MFI-UNICEF agreement in three states resulting in access to capital on (near) zero percent markup rate to MFIs for cheaper on lending to households for construction of toilets
  5. Field visits to the respective states and LGAs to participate in reviews, backstopping implementation, documentation of best practices and to assist UNCIEF FO in scaling up
  6. Oversee the expansion of sanitation marketing and financing in additional States and LGAs.
  7. Provide guidance to the national sanitation marketing and financing consultants to accomplish their tasks.

Duty Station: Abuja, Nigeria

Deliverables/Payment percentage per deliverable:

  1. Approved sanitation marketing and financing scaling up plan to expand and deepen the implementation across the target areas – 10%
  2. Monitoring mechanisms to track the progress of TBOs, Adashes MFIs, SMEDAN, RUFIN, ANMFIN and LGAs developed and the monitoring dashboard fully operational to serve the basis for weekly LGA, monthly state level and quarterly national review meetings – 20%
  3. Draft agreement between States-MFI-UNICEF developed and ready for signing to start cheaper lending to households for construction of toilets – 10%
  4. Proposals, finalised in all respects from SMEDAN, RUFIN, ANAMFIN ready for PCA formulation available – 20%
  5. Reports available for: i) national review workshop ii) consultant’s active participation in 6 SHAWN state monthly review meetings – 10%
  6. Best practice documentation of TBOs, MFIs and Adashes – 20%
  7. Final report and way forward for Sanitation Marketing and Financing in SHAWN program in Nigeria – 10%

Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:


  1. Advanced degree in business studies, marketing, economics, civil engineering, social sciences and or related discipline.
  2. Demonstrated experience and expertise working in the area of financing, supply chain investments, water, sanitation and hygiene issues with multi country experience.
  3. Experience in developing and implementing sanitation marketing
  4. Experience of conducting qualitative and quantitative studies in development financing.
  5. Specific work experience of working in sanitation financing and marketing areas and working with rural financial institutions – microfinance institutions, sanitation entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship and community managed financial systems
  6. Seven (7) years’ progressive professional development sector experience in financing, social entrepreneurship (livelihoods) and working with sector institutions at both large scale and small scale
  7. Experience working across multiple sectors related to the design and implementation of development and social protection policies as well as in conditional cash transfer programs.


  1. Experience in conducting studies on marketing and financing approaches and result-based management would be an added advantage.
  2. Experience in leading/working with a technical team in similar assignments and capturing their suggested recommendations.
  1. Experience in financing approaches and result based management would be an added advantage.
  1. Proven and excellent analytical skills, writing ability, and written and oral communications skills in English)
  2. Willingness to be a part of, and closely work with a government personnel/staff and institutions.
  3. Willingness to travel to rural and semi-urban areas of the country.
  4. Diplomacy and negotiating skills.
  1. Demonstrated experience and expertise working in the area of financing, supply chain investments, water, sanitation and hygiene issues with multi country experience
  2. Previous work experience with UNICEF and in Africa would be an added advantage.

Contract Duration:

Contract will be for a total duration of 5 months from 1st February 2018 to 30th June 2018.

Please indicate your ability, availability and daily/monthly rate (in US$) to undertake the terms of reference above Applications submitted without a daily/monthly rate will not be considered.

Opening Date Mon Jan 08 2018 05:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) W. Central Africa Standard Time
Closing Date Mon Jan 22 2018 14:55:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)