Data analyst expert for improvement of data management

Mekong River Commission (MRC)

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Responsibilities / Tasks: 

  • Review, collect, and process LMB Countries dataset, its classification and database and maps, and identify key constraints, including data gap or unavailability, and options for developing required data to further support assessment and management as well as economic, research and analysis valuation of dataset;
  • Data format Quality Assurance and Control for hydrological dataset and maps using automatic tool and script;
  • Assist MRCS Specialists to develop an improvement data management with the new architecture;
  • Develop and implement the migration tool of existing database system and populate it with hydrological data with time series;
  • Produce dataset, maps in KML and information for in-house and external users and facilitate sharing of those dataset and information within LMB Countries and MRCS database system;
  • Work on data conversion (Non dataset to dataset formats or vice versa) and perform convert mapping from desktop version to web interactive maps version;
  • Maintain datasets and maps of the LMB Countries and develop templates, catalogues and guideline for datasets and maps;
  • Prepare a summary report covering the reviewing, development and management of the MRC data and information system and the training manuals or use guides for data management system development and management; 
  • Work closely with Information System and Database Specialist, Water and Climate Monitoring Specialist, and Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist as well as software provider company;
  • On improvement management, TD/MRCS ensure successful outputs; and
  • Design and organize training course on database system development and management to strengthen and improve the knowledge and capacity of the LMB Countries;

Qualifications and Requirements: 

  • The consultant must have a MSc. or degree in IT, Informatics or related field.
  • The consultant must have strong skills in the data integration, data visualization, data processing, data assessment, data analysis fields using tools such as Tableau, Pentaho, but also be able to implement and program custom data processing, integration, and quality assessment tools.
  • Solid understanding of various database technologies including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL (PostGIS), MongoDB, Neo4J, ArcSDE.
  • Solid understanding of various spatial technologies such as Geoserver, GeoNetwork, Geonode, OpenLayers, Leaflet, ArcGIS.
  • Being familiar with containerization, such as VMware, Docker, Kubernetes and cloud deployments is an advantage.
  • The consultant must have a minimum of 15 years experience in Visual Basic programming and Java programming, PHP, Java Script, JQuery, Grails, CMS, HTML / XML, MS SQL and Mysql
  • The consultant must have experience to implement the website in using GeoNetwork and Silver Strip Framework with MySQL database system. 
  • The consultant must have solid knowledge about the present IT and Informatics of MRCS is advantage. 
  • The consultants must have solid knowledge of GIS, image handling, map handling, database management, Linux and Windows operating systems, network, and communication protocols.
  • Knowledge of Hydrology, meteorology, modelling, or knowledge Management will be a plus.
  • The consultant must speak and write English well, TOEIC of 600-700 is required.

The Terms of Reference and other information can be obtained from the MRC website and MRC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates. Women are especially encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

The application should include (i) a cover letter outlining clearly how the candidate meets the requirements of the position, (ii) a detailed CV, (iii) MRC Personal History Form, and (IV) financial proposal. The position title/Division must be indicated in the cover letter.

The application should be sent to:

Mekong River Commission 
Office of the Secretariat in Vientiane
P.O. Box 6101, 184 Fa Ngoum Road
Vientiane 01000, Lao PDR
Email: [email protected]

Closing date for applications: 18 January 2018