Post-Doctoral Research Positions via AGU

Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P)

Ben Guerir, Morocco 🇲🇦

UM6P is actively searching to fill multiple post-doctoral research positions at its new Ben Guerir campus. Well-qualified candidates are sought with research interests in the general areas of:

  • Water resource management and climate change
  • Precision agriculture, rhizobacteria and bio-fertilizers
  • Industrial optimization and circular economies
  • Green Chemistry for phosphate processing
  • Urban metabolism and smart development

This UM6P post-doctoral program is intended to serve as a pipeline for future faculty hires at the university, so candidates should have genuine interest in living and working in Morocco while pursuing research on critical issues of sustainable development in Africa.

By virtue of the joint UM6P-MIT Research Program (UMRP) successful candidates will enjoy opportunities to collaborate with participating MIT faculty as Visiting Scholars at the Institute for extended periods working on joint UMRP projects. UMRP consists of six research projects supervised by MIT faculty on the topical areas listed above.

Potential candidates are invited to email a concise statement of personal and research interests along with their CV and contact information to the UMRP executive director at [email protected]. Responses will be forwarded as appropriate to the hiring authorities at UM6P for immediate consideration on a rolling basis. Candidates of interest will be contacted directly by UM6P for additional information and interviews.