Green Climate Fund and Global Environment Facility Project Design Specialist

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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Within this concept, the overall objective of the proposed contract is to improve the resilience of Montenegro transport sector and support identification of priority actions that could, jointly and with support of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), secure achievement of national targets set for transport sector and in parallel open opportunities for economic development.

Project preparation will be carried out in two phases: Phase I includes development of a Concept note and Phase II development of Full proposal package with all required annexes. Considering that the consultation process will involve wide range of national partners, the selected consultant will use the opportunity it presents to start the mapping of needs, priorities and possible project concepts to be focused for GEF financing. As per conclusions from 51st meeting of the GEF Council the Trustees are requested to, in cooperation with the Secretariat, initiate discussions on the seventh replenishment of resources of the GEF Trust Fund (GEF-7). This discussion will result in formulation of GEF – 7 replenishment and priorities strategy. In order to secure timely preparation and good understanding of the process consultant will facilitate discussion and mapping of priorities and possible interventions financed by GEF-7.

Objective of the assignment: The principal responsibility of the international consultant is to lead to the development of the GCF Concept note and Full package proposal fully compliant with the GCF rules and standards. Second goal is to facilitate discussion and mapping of priorities and possible interventions financed by GEF-7. The Consultant is expected to closely collaborate with UNDP CO, national and international partners as well as with UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub Advisers.  The Consultant shall work based on information provided by UNDP, the National Focal Point, as well as relevant other stakeholders in the area of climate change adaptation.


Duties and Responsibilities

Time duration and travel: The assignment will be carried out within 55 working days during February 2018 to December 2018, pending approval of the Concept Note. Two visits are planned to Montenegro, in duration of 15 days in total, by end of February 2018 and in second half od 2018 in order to assess current state of affairs and implementation of consultations.

Payment for services:

  1. The Consultant shall be contracted and, upon satisfactory performance, receive payment from UNDP for deliverables of Phase I as it shall be agreed prior to signing the contract.
  2. At their discretion, the parties may agree to amend the Contract for the deliverables under Phase II as listed in Deliverables and timelines.
  3. The contract for Phase I or any aspect thereof, shall not be construed by neither of the parties as having any bearing upon the subsequent decision by either of the party as to the amendment of the Contract and inclusion of some or all aspects of the Phase II into the Contract Amendment.

Responsibility for expenses and their reimbursement: This is a lump sum assignment. The Consultant will be responsible for all personal administrative and travel expenses associated with undertaking this assignment including office accommodation, printing, stationary, telephone and electronic communications, report copies as well as other costs incurred in this assignment.

Required Skills & Experience


  • University degree in the fields of Environmental Management, Economy, Transport, Business or relevant related fields;
  • Advanced University degree in the fields of Environmental Management, Economy, Transport, Business or relevant related fields would be considered as an advantage;


  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Proven experience in developing similar projects – preferably in the region;
  • Experience in working on climate change adaptation/mitigation projects, particularly on designing projects related to energy efficiency, transport, etc.;
  • Knowledge with GCF and GEF policies, templates and requirements;
  • Preparation of at least one successful proposal for GCF;
  • Preparation of at least one successful proposal for GEF;
  • Good understanding of the fiduciary, environmental and social safeguards standards and requirements of the GCF/GEF and/or UNDP would be considered as an asset;
  • Previous experience with UNDP would be considered an asset;
  • Experience in Balkan region countries would be considered an asset.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the GCF and GEF modality of financial support;


  • Excellent English writing skills are essential.
  • Local language writing/reading skills would be considered as an advantage.