Natural Resource Management Mapping and Strategy Development

Danish Refugee Council

Baidoa, , SO

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been providing relief and development services in the Horn of Africa since 1997. DRC aims at integrating its Somalia activities within a wider regional mixed migration programme, comprising the existing programmes in Kenya, Somalia (South Central, Puntland and Somaliland), Ethiopia and Yemen. DRC Somalia programme operates within a regional framework (East Africa and the Horn) and incorporates three major components namely: long-term community-driven development, emergency urban/rural humanitarian interventions and protection/advocacy. DRC is a member of SomRep and is currently implementing EU project ion Baidoa.The project has component of Natural resource management which is meant to develop community NRM,develop NRM Strategy for small-scale watershed management and  train staff and communities on Community-based Natural Resource Management, develop NRM Maps  for target districts and produce reports.  
In order to ensure that the communities need’s need for revived agro ecological and socio economic aspects of natural resources and watersheds is captured, DRC and SomRep seeks to commission a NRM Study in SWS.DRC in collaboration with the SomRep Consortium to invite qualified professionals to conduct an assessment with a broad objective of documenting, mapping training and developing manual for the communities and staff. 
The most likely NRM challenges include: i) deforestation(charcoal burning), ii) increased encroachment by non-palatable weeds, iii) loss of biodiversity, iv) rangeland deterioration, v) soil and water erosion, vi) invasive species, and vii) pollution of water.  
Overal Objectives: 
  • Participatory Mapping and analyse the state of natural resources at small-scale watershed critical areas threatened by soil and water erosion –land degradation.   
  • To understand the state of the traditional systems and institutions of NRM that function in the area. 
  • To understand the patterns of mobility (livestock and people) within the area, and from outside the area.  
  • To understand what are the problems and issues related to objective 4 of SomReP. Analysis of key elements of natural resources (grazing lands, forests, water, soils, and conflicts over natural resources. Based on the visualized information develop discussion – plans for appropriate actions)
This consultancy will be conducted in selected locations in Baidoa, A detailed analysis of the NRM gap will be undertaken by the consultant. The consultant(s) will be expected to implement key tasks as outlined below: 
  • a) Develop a plan: This should detail among other things: the process and methodologies to be employed for the assignment; including time and interview schedules for this exercise; a list of stakeholders targeted for participation. This document should be presented to DRC/SomRep TA for review and further inputs before proceeding to the field for data collection. 
  • b) Design data collection and evaluation methodology/tools as appropriate, guided by the objectives and scope of consultancy; including international guidelines and relevant framework(s). The data collection tools will be critiqued (with DRC team) before being refined and finalized.  
  • c) Undertake desk review of relevant documents including the proposals; DRC/SomRep programme management guidelines; DRC/SomRep strategy documents; existing Somalia NRM Materials; Somalia Food Security Cluster documents and any other relevant documents and should take into consideration donor programme guidelines and standards. 
  • d) Review any governmental policy or strategic documents regarding NRM and consult with key government officials. Annex policy and strategy documents. 
  • e) Conduct a comprehensive field-based assessment using both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods based on the purpose and objectives of the consultancy. The consultant should undertake a multi-stakeholder analysis, including relevant line ministries, Food Security Cluster member organizations, youth and women groups,  
  • f) Write and present a draft report,in each stage capturing key findings against  objectives of the assessment to DRC team for review before producing a second draft 
  • g) Present a Draft Report (2nd draft report) to DRC/SomRep and other stakeholders in a feedback workshop to facilitate sharing of the assessment results with a view of incorporating inputs from stakeholders in the final draft 
  • h)  Compile and Submit a Final Assessment Report to DRC as stated in the Consultancy Contract.
It is anticipated that the assessment will take 55 days from signing of contract, beginning late November. The Consultant/Consultancy Firm should develop a feasible costed-work plan/activity schedule covering a maximum of 55 days, committing to finalize within the period and submit as an integral part of the proposal for this consultancy.  
  • Advanced Degree in Natural Resource Management, Ecology, or related field.  
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience working on NRM.  
  • At least 5 year experience in monitoring, quality control or institutional capacity building efforts and development projects, preferably in  post-conflict countries 
  • Strong understanding of political practices, legal frameworks, regulations, and procedures governing NRM and usage, as well as an appreciation for and initiatives to address current challenges. 
  • Experience working with relevant Ministries and government officials.  
  • Ability to build and maintain strong and effective relationships with multiple stakeholders. 
  • Exceptional communication skills, including writing. 
  • Understanding of EU donor reporting requirements,  
  • Excellent in team building, coaching and mentoring skills. 
  • Proven experience in Microsoft applications (Ms. Word, Excel, Power-Point and Outlook) 
  • Stable and robust character and a good team-player, Proven ability to prioritize tasks    and meet deadlines  
  • Excellent communication skills, calm and a good sense of humor. 
  • Proven commitment to accountability practices.
Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI)) via our online portal under vacancies. The EoI should include 
  • CV (s) with details of qualifications, experience, telephone number and names of three referees,  
  • Technical proposal that summarizes your understanding of the ToR including the proposed methodology. 
  • Financial proposal providing cost estimates of daily consultancy fees and  
  • The foreseen work plan for the days. Daily consulting rate is negotiable, although will be commensurate with DRC consultancy terms and standards. 
 Your Expression of Interest should be marked ‘NRM Mapping, strategy development and Training, Deadline 25th Dec. 2017.