IWA Project Innovation Awards

In keeping with IWA’s vision of “Towards a world in which water is wisely managed to satisfy the needs of human activities and ecosystems in an equitable and sustainable way”, IWA runs the Project Innovation Awards (PIA) Programme to recognise excellence and innovation in water (engineering) projects throughout  world, highlighting the belief and emphasis within the water sector, that solutions to our water challenges can be achieved through innovative and practical solutions.

Established in 2006, the programme runs on a two-year cycle, with this year’s Awards being delivered at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia from October 9-14, 2016.


The PIA is open to applicants who may be individuals, companies, organizations, governmental bodies, or any combination of the above. Applicants can both be members and non-members of the IWA.

Award Catergories

Entries are submitted for competition in one of the following five awards categories:

  • Applied Research– Research of an applied nature that advances the state of the art in water engineering, including research leading to new improved water engineering (equipment, process, control, instrumentation, etc.).

  • Design – Design of water/wastewater facilities including projects delivered by alternate methods, such as design-build or design-build-operate.

  • Marketing and Communications – Marketing and communications related to a water/wastewater project, operations/ management of related facilities, customer service activities, or public education/awareness campaigns.

  • Operations/Management – Operations or management of water/wastewater or related facilities, a pollution programme, or environmental regulatory programmes (local, national or regional).

  • Planning – Planning related to a water/wastewater control project, system or water/wastewater management facilities or activities.


The judges will comprise of experts from industry ,university  and utilities in the water and wastewater sector from various regions.

Judging Criteria

For Applied Research, Design, Operations and Management, and Planning categories:

  • Originality and Innovative application of new or existing technology

  • Future value to the engineering profession

  • Social, economic and sustainable design considerations

  • Complexity of the problem or situation addressed

  • Exceed client/owner needs, including budgeted and actual cost, scheduled and actual date of completion, etc.

For Marketing and Communications category:

  • Innovative approach to messaging or branding

  • Clarity of audiences/stakeholders

  • Proof of future value to the water engineering profession

  • Creativity and clarity in portraying and communicating the messages

  • Proof of evaluation and/or measurement of the campaign

  • Exceed client/owner needs, including budgeted and actual cost, scheduled and actual date of completion, etc.

Winning Projects

There will only be one winning prize awarded for each project category. Depending on the scores of the other entries, the judging panel may grant Honour Awards to other deserving entries in the same category.

All winning and honour award projects will automatically be advanced to the global awards competition where they compete with the winning and honour award projects from the other categories bases to become the overall Grand Award Winner.

Submission deadline is 25th July 2016.

The entry fee for nomination for the IWA PIA is EUR400 for IWA members and EUR500 for non-IWA members