Local Partner Organization in Zambia for undertaking a National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector Review via ReliefWeb

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Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) is preparing a bid response for conducting National Water, Sanitation and Environment Sector Review in Zambia: 2017. HDRC is one of the profound research organization in Bangladesh having over 15 years reputation in conducting studies in WASH sector. Details about HDRC is available at www.hdrc-bd.com . We are looking for a national organization having at least 5 years experience in conducting studies/surveys in WASH sector. The organization as national partner will support HDRC in preparing the bid documents. In case UNICEF Zambia awards the assignment to HDRC, the national partner will provide proactive support in implementing the assignment (finalization of study protocol in line with national socio-economic and cultural context, translation and retranslation support, conducting pretest, recruiting field data collection team, providing training to data collectors, management and coordination of high quality data collection and preparation of data base in STATA/ Excel/ MS Access/SPSS). HDRC will provide necessary software support to national partner for preparing the data base.

How to apply:

Interested organizations/firms/institutions/NGOs are request to contact HDRC before 30 December 2017 with a brief profile of the organization and CV of National Expert. Contact person in HDRC is Avijit Poddar, PhD, mail: [email protected]. For any clarification please write to Avijit Poddar, PhD, mail: [email protected].