PhD position in Geohydrology / Environmental Chemistry

Uppsala University

Uppsala, , SE

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Duties/Project description: 
The PhD candidate will work on in-situ remediation of PFASs based on sorption methods within the StopPFAS project. Poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are highly fluorinated compounds, many of which are widespread, extremely persistent in the environment, bioaccumulate, and are potentially carcinogenic and toxic. Because conventional in-situ remediation methods for soil and groundwater are inefficient for most PFASs, navel methods are urgently needed to remediate PFASs in situ and stop PFAS plumes in groundwater from reaching drinking water resources. The aim of the project is to test and develop in-situ methods to efficiently sorb and immobilize PFASs in plumes in groundwater originating from hot spot areas. The potential of several sorption methods and how to best apply the sorbents at field sites will be investigated. Laboratory experiments, reactive transport modelling and field testing at pilot scale will be included.

The position is part of a collaboration between Uppsala University (UU), the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) and other partners, including companies working with contaminated land remediation. While employed at UU, the PhD candidate will also collaborate and work closely with the Departments of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment and Soil and Environment at SLU, including laboratory work at SLU (Uppsala).

We are looking fora candidate with a strong background in geohydrology, environmental chemistry, soil science or a similar subject. Proficiency in English (both spoken and written) is required. For employment, the candidate should (preferably) hold an MSc degree or equivalent in a field relevant for the topic of the PhD position. The applicant must be eligible for PhD studies. Priority is given to those who are deemed to show the greatest aptitude for a successful completion of graduate studies.

The holder of a PhD-student position shall prim arily devote her/his time to own research studies. The graduate program covers four years of full-time study. The position can be combined with teaching or other duties at the department (maximum 20%), which prolongs the employment with the corresponding time.


The application should include:

  • a letter describing yourself, your research interests, why you want to do a PhD and why you are suitable for the current position
  • a CV
  • a short description of your education
  • an authorized copy of your Master’s degree and course grades
  • the names and email addresses of at least two referees
  • elevant publications including Master’s thesis

Salary: According to local agreement for PhD students and teaching assistants.
Starting date: 2018-02-01 or as otherwise agreed, temporary four year position.

Type of position: Full time position.

For further information about the position please contact:
Fritjof Fagerlund, e-mail: [email protected] 

Please submit your application by 15 January 2018.