Great Lakes Research Specialist

Swim Drink Fish Canada

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About Us

Swim Drink Fish Canada was founded in 2001 to connect people with water. We inspire people to know and safeguard their local waters by creating platforms based on law, science, education and communications technology. Our flagship programs are Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Swim Guide, and Watermark Project. They serve 1.8-million users.

Swim Drink Fish Canada is looking for a methodical researcher with a passion for the Great Lakes to compile information about the lakes for a new web project.

The researcher will compile historical and ecological information about the Great Lakes watershed based on a set of questions provided by Swim Drink Fish Canada. Information will be found on the web, in books(!), and/or from subject-matter experts identified by the researcher. All sources must be documented, because this material will be used by various writers and designers for a new Great Lakes Guide web platform. The ideal person for this project is someone who loves the Great Lakes, wants to know everything about them (or already knows), and has the ability to curate information that will educate and inspire the Great Lakes Guide team.

This contract pays a flat fee of $3,000 and will take approximately one month to complete.


  1. Research experience, either educational or professional

  2. Foundational knowledge of the Great Lakes region

  3. Ability to do quality work under a firm deadline

A background in environmental studies, science, policy, or similar is helpful.

    How to Apply

    The first step is to send us an email indicating your interest in the position. Include the following information:

    • Briefly tell us a bit about yourself and research experience.
    • Describe at least one Great Lakes-related project you have worked on in the past (e.g., research project, job, passion project).

    Feel free to be informal. Candidates with the required qualifications will be contacted.

    Send your resume to [email protected] or use the form below. Include the subject “Great Lakes Research Specialist”.