Research Specialist

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID, US

The University of Idaho Soil and Water Systems Department seeks a Research Specialist to assist in the management of field and lab based research in the field of watershed hydrology, water quality, and precision agriculture. This research specialist will join a large, active, research team led by Dr. Erin Brooks which often includes 5-10 graduate students, 2-4 undergraduate interns and Postdoctoral fellows. Research in the group generally focuses on understanding the effects of management on spatial patterns in the storage and transport of water, sediment, and nutrients in complex landscapes. Most research includes both field and lab based experimentation which feeds into the development of decision support tools and strategies to support environmentally sustainable and economically viable, integrated production systems.

Current projects include improving the site-specific management of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer in dryland cereal grain production systems, analyzing the effects of tillage management on preferential subsurface flow and transport of nutrients in agricultural systems, characterizing the distribution and transport of phosphorus in forested ecosystems, monitoring spatial and temporal patterns in soil water, subsurface flow, and surface runoff in complex landscapes, assessing the effects of conservation practices on nutrient and sediment loading from a large mixed use watershed, understanding the infiltration characteristics of post-fire riparian areas for salvage logging management, and developing process based watershed models for identify critical sources areas in agricultural and forested watersheds