Advanced Process Modeller (Water and Environmental Technology)

Ghent, Belgium 🇧🇪

AM-TEAM is a global leader in advanced process modelling. The unique combination of process understanding and advanced modelling frameworks brings models very close to reality, allowing drastic process improvement and accelerated scale-up in the water and pharma sectors.

Job description

You will be modelling a highly diverse set of unit processes for water and wastewater treatment for clients worldwide. By mastering and applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD), you will unravel what is happening inside reactors and will be able to improve processes significantly. The complexity of the modelling projects will grow along with and will be adjusted to your modelling experience. The objectives of your modelling projects will be highly case dependent, but mostly you will make clients happy with: saving costs, saving energy, improving technology and competitive position, accelerating technology development and improving process performance and reliability. You will also be developing a broad knowledge on existing and novel environmental technologies. We are welcoming international colleagues. You will be operating from our office in Ghent, Belgium.

Main responsibilities

  • Planning and setting up of modelling projects
  • Developing 2D and 3D drawings of unit processes, using commercial or open source CAD software
  • Setting up the simulations: Meshing and pre-processing data
  • Running simulations and postprocessing of simulation results
  • Internal and external communication of project progress
  • Reporting of project results for clients and other interested parties (e.g. the sector internationally, scientific community)
  • Data collection at pilot and full-scale plants
  • Presenting project outcomes at meetings and events
  • Guidance of junior colleagues

The person AM-TEAM is looking for

  • You deeply share AM-TEAM’s core values (will be key in the assessment)
    • Fun (it must be a pleasure working for and with us)
    • Ambition (continuously pushing the state of the art of models and technology forward)
    • AM-TEAM spirit (open culture, integrity, sharing and helping others, strong partnerships)
    • Good modelling practice (applying the right models in the right way to reach well defined objectives)
  • You have an MSc or PhD in science or (environmental) engineering
  • You know what process modelling is and preferably have CFD experience (using ANSYS Fluent® or OpenFOAM®)
  • You have a passion and affinity for modelling and simulation (objective oriented)
  • You have a passion for technology and innovation
  • You are eager to learn and curious
  • You have excellent computer skills, preferably knowing one or more programming languages
  • You are fluent in English, both written and orally

What we offer you, besides your salary and benefits

  • The opportunity to grow your network internationally
  • A start-up, offering a dynamic environment with ample opportunities for personal growth in different areas
  • Scientific, managerial and other development opportunities, including AM-TEAM’s internal development seminars

Application and selection procedure

  1. Please send your cv and motivation letter to [email protected] before January 7th, 2018. However, sending it early will increase your chance of being selected.
  2. AM-TEAM will make an assessment and will inform you on the next steps