Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD)

Phoenix, AZ, United States 🇺🇸

The CAGRD’s primary role is to provide replenishment services for Member Lands and Member Service Areas.  These services include planning, membership enrollment, annual reporting, fee/assessment collection, and acquisition and replenishment of renewable water supplies.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES: (Essential Functions are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, duties and tasks.  They are key job duties that an employee holding the position must be able to perform with or without reasonable accommodation.):                  

  1. Responsible for developing the CAGRD Plan of Operation in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. Also responsible for overseeing evaluation and reporting of actual enrollment, activations, annual replenishment obligation trends and water supply acquisitions throughout the Plan period.
  2. Responsible for managing the operations of the CAGRD, including membership enrollment, annual reporting, rate-setting, revenue generation, water supply acquisition and satisfaction of replenishment obligations.  Ensures that all CAGRD operations comply with the Plan of Operation.
  3. Responsible for developing, supporting, analyzing and modifying, as necessary, policy direction for the CAGRD.  Interprets the statutory mandates and authorities conferred on the CAGRD and translates those into strategic plans and working policies.
  4. Assists in review and revision of state laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the CAGRD, the State’s Assured Water Supply Program and to groundwater recharge.
  5. Consults regularly with ADWR to coordinate the policies of the CAGRD with the state’s assured water supply program and the Groundwater Code.  Consults regularly with developers, water providers, other state agencies, and the public concerning the purpose of the CAGRD, its policies, costs, and plans.
  6. Prepares, negotiates and administers contracts and operating agreements for the development and use of recharge facilities for the CAGRD and for CAP.  These duties also include providing assistance to CAP staff in the areas of permitting, land acquisition and contract review and negotiations for recharge facilities.
  7. Develops and is accountable for biennial department budget for CAGRD.  Manages budget by monitoring financial reports, explaining variances and forecasting expenses every quarter.
  8.  Provides leadership, motivation and a clear mission and vision to department personnel, and works with staff to develop and review strategies required to meet goals.  Organizes department efficiently and effectively.  Oversees training and development plans, ensuring department personnel have or receive proper training to perform their job safely, efficiently and effectively.  Establishes job performance standards for department, evaluates job performance, counsels employees and initiates corrective actions as necessary.  Interviews and selects personnel to fill department positions.


Minimum Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Education, Knowledge, Training, Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field.  
  • Seven (7) years of progressive experience in resource planning, resource management, and/or policy-making; including two (2) years of supervisory or leadership experience. 
  • Must have excellent interpersonal, negotiation, conflict resolution and customer service skills. 
Education, Knowledge, Training, Skills, and Experience:
  • Master’s degree. 
Required Certifications or Licenses:  Must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a good driving record. 

Independence:  Works with general direction from the Director of Water Policy.  Considerable latitude exists in deciding when to involve senior management or others when making decisions for the department.  Recommends organizational strategy and policies.  Approves department staffing, budget and goals.
Impact:  Decisions often involve complex problem solving for multiple issues in which there are no guidelines except for professional standards and procedures.  Collaboratively plans and develops water resource management policy along with water resources management peers inside and outside of CAP.  Decisions have a direct and substantial impact on the organization and its customers.
Type:  Contacts are typically with CAP employees and all levels of management and the Board.  Frequent contacts are required with external organizations that contribute to the work of the department.  Contacts also include those with public and private agencies and officials.  
Purpose:  The purpose of these contacts is to discuss and collaborate regarding management of the CAGRD.  Issues may be sensitive and controversial and require tactful negotiation to resolve. 
Manages the CAGRD, which involves the direct and indirect supervision of multi-disciplinary professional staff, and provides direction to external consultants.


The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that persons in this position will encounter while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions. 

  • Essential to this position is corrected or non-corrected vision.  Example: must be able to see, read and interpret handwritten and printed documents, correspondence, manuals, office papers, computer screen, etc., including seeing various colors.  Must be able to see to operate work equipment.
  • Also essential to this position is corrected or non-corrected hearing which is necessary for the ability to hear and comprehend voice communications as well as the ability to speak to communicate with individuals on the job.  Must be able to hear to operate work equipment.
  • Physical Demands:  The essential job requirements involve sitting for long periods of time including occasional lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling (in any combination thereof) of objects up to 25 pounds and the use of repetitive hand and wrist movements to enter alpha and numeric data into a computer, including the ability to grasp and manipulate work objects.
  • A valid driver’s license is an essential job requirement.  Persons in this position must have the ability to see and to hear in order to drive a CAP vehicle on improved and unimproved roads.  In addition, they must assure that road safety laws and road safety precautions are followed.
  • Work Environment:  The majority of work time is spent working inside in either a single-level or upper-level structured office building, which is heated, air-conditioned and smoke-free. Persons in this position may conduct business out of the office, which may require driving a CAP vehicle on improved and unimproved roadways.  Outside working conditions are dependent on the weather, which involves extreme heat in the summer (temperatures over 100 degrees) and cold in the winter (temperatures below freezing).  Some work visitations may be required at the pumping plants and along the CAP canal. The pumping plants and office structures are heated and cooled.  Noise levels are generally minimal, however, they can be excessive for brief periods of time.  The person in this position moves about using various conveyances such as an elevator, stairway, and/or walk ramp. Persons in this position may have exposure to flora, fauna and the natural habitat of the desert environment.