Consultancy Services for River Basin Assessment and Management Planning

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Pakistan 🇵🇰

The objective of the assignment is to support the Government of Punjab to undertake a comprehensive 
assessment of the pollution situation in the Ravi river basin and to develop a long-term, multi-
sectoral plan to revitalize and build resilience in the basin, including recommendations for 
investment projects and institutional reforms.

The international consulting firm will lead most of the activities to deliver the TA, including 
technical assessments of pollution and climate risks in the basin and their health risks; 
institutional assessments of the existing arrangements for environmental water management; multi-
stakeholder visioning and basin planning exercises; trainings and workshops; public outreach and 
awareness raising; comparative cost-benefit analyses of potential investment options; pre-
feasibility studies including economic, financial, and safeguard analyses; and other on-demand 
support as needed. The firm will act as a credible scientific assessment center and as a change 
management agent to facilitate the planning process, liaising regularly with government and other 
key stakeholders. An international team leader will lead the firm's work, will report to ADB and 
the TA Steering Committee, and will coordinate and cooperate closely with the other TA partners.

Please see attached TOR for more information. 

Note that this is a two-stage proposal process. After initial submission of EOIs to this 
advertisement, shortlisted proposing entities will be invited to submit a full technical proposal 
through an RFP.

Note that this is an output-based TOR and proposing entities shall determine the number and the 
nature of experts they will require to achieve the deliverables, in accordance with their proposed 
approach and methodology. ADB requires all proposing entities to propose a Team Leader for at least 
four person-months of inputs, to be based mostly (more than 75%) in Lahore.

Please do not wait until the last minute to submit EOIs, in case of unexpected submission errors or 
server downtime.