MS or PhD Student Opportunities in Earth Science (Department of Geology)

Kent State University

Kent, OH, US

Dr. Kuldeep Chaudhary is seeking graduate students to conduct research in the areas of Water Resources Research, Geofluids, Pore-scale Fluid Dynamics. Dr. Chaudhary’s broader research goal is to investigate the response of natural and anthropogenic forcings on coupled hydrodynamic interactions in earth’s porous media systems. Students can choose an area for their research investigations from one or more of the following examples;

  1. Climate change related evolution of Hydrogeologic systems with implications to water quality
  2. Geochemical and/or Geomechanical investigations related to subsurface injection of human wastes, e.g., CO2storage and salt water storage.
  3. Pore-scale fluid dynamics and Digital Rock Physics, including single-2 phase fluid dynamics.
  4. Flow and transport phenomenon in porous media, including coupled fluxes e.g., Osmosis.
  5. Reaction transport phenomenon in porous media, including precipitation-dissolution of minerals
  6. Heat energy transport in porous media, e.g., geothermal and permafrost systems

Students can direct the focus of their research by utilizing computational methods, and/or experimental (laboratory and/or field) methods. For more on research opportunities, please contact Dr. Kuldeep Chaudhary. Email: [email protected]link to webpage. Information on facilities in the Department of Geology can be found at

Interested students should have a background in Geoscience, Hydrology/Water resources, or Civil and Environmental engineering. Strong applicants will have a solid academic record (>3.4/4.0 GPA, >70th percentile on GRE) and previous research experience. Applicants not meeting these criteria will also be considered based on a compelling letter of interest. Successful applicants will be supported by a combination of teaching and research assistantships (including tuition and health insurance) and is available for 2 years for MS students and 4 years for PhD students. Complete application through the Graduate School is required by January 15th, 2018. Information on application process can be found at