Feasibility study on stomwater capture for fodder production

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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UNDP Djibouti is requesting the services of a reputable civil engineering firm to support Djibouti in analyzing the feasibility of stormwater capture along roads and railways in the context of increasing rainfall variability linked to climate change. The feasibility study will be submitted as part of a full proposal to the Green Climate Fund that aims to mobilize water for the benefit of the most vulnerable agro-pastoralists in the surrounding areas.

The engineering firm must provide detailed designs and costing information related to the construction of drainage channels, gravity-fed pipes, subsurface storage tanks and water treatment facilities. The engineering designs must be robust to the impacts of floods and designed to have enough water storage during dry periods. Water capture must be designed to enable peripheral agro-pastoralists to have sufficient water for forage production and for drinking water use.

The direct aim of the project is to mobilize runoff that would not otherwise be usable by surrounding rural communities for forage production and drinking water use. An indirect benefit will be to reduce the amount of rainfall-induced damage to the growing amounts of transport infrastructure being developed across Djibouti. The engineering work must support the GoD’s aim to bring a constant, reliable, good quality water supply to rural communities in order to lay the groundwork for diversification of the country’s economic activities.