The Potomac Riverkeeper Network

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In 2012, American Rivers named the Potomac the most endangered waterway in the United States for the second time in three years. At that time, the Potomac watershed, which includes the Shenandoah River and numerous other sub-watersheds, was under significant threat from decades’ old industrial and sewage pollution that went untreated, along with more modern urban and agricultural contaminants. Today, the Potomac no longer tops the list of endangered rivers, but the entire watershed – which extends from Pennsylvania, through West Virginia to Washington, DC – remains at risk. The principal threats include nutrient runoff, sediment, bacteria, and deregulation of federal environmental protection standards. In service of the mission to protect the public’s right to clean water in and around the nation’s capital, PRKN carries out its work in three distinct but connected teams: Riverkeepers, Internal Operations staff, and pro bono legal partners. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the new President will lead these teams into a period of significant growth in membership and financial assets, greater internal collaboration and alignment, and an overall increased visibility in the region (and nationally) as the premier defender against entities who threaten the Nation’s River.

The ideal candidate will be first and foremost committed to preserving the Potomac and its tributaries so that residents throughout the watershed have access to clean water and a safe place for recreation and wildlife in and around the river are protected. He/she/they will also be a strong, proven fundraiser with a track record of leveraging local and national networks to cultivate support for conservation or other nonprofit campaigns. This person will be a seasoned leader with significant experience working collaboratively with a Board of Directors, and the ability to execute short- and long-term strategic agendas. He/she/they will also have proven expertise in implementing internal systems that directly support those agendas. The new President will have senior management experience with small to medium-sized organizations with the talent and skill to bring disparate teams together for a singular mission. He/she/they will be a team builder with expertise in talent development, modeling best practices in collaboration, and cooperative workflow. The ideal candidate will also have the patience, poise, focus and conviction to advocate for the welfare of the Potomac watershed in the face of often intimidating opposing forces.