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Jordan 🇯🇴

Development of a Mobile App to report and monitor water leakage.


The objective of this project is to develop technology (phone application) which can be used by water utilities (to be piloted with Miyahuna covering the Middle Governorates) to quickly identify any leakage along the network, and to assign the necessary maintenance teams responsible to undertake the repair, and to monitor the time required to undertake the repair- response time. The system will collate information using crowdsourcing and issue an alarm when a leak is reported, collected information will be linked to the data base of Miyahuna and will trigger alarm system for the operation and maintenance teams at which response time will be monitored. Additionally, the technology should be generating problems in the history of alarms to identify problematic sections of the network which may need larger scale interventions.


The key objective out of this contract is to design, develop and test a mobile application (App) called the Water Watch. The main function of this technology will be to enable the quick identification of a leak on a water network (through crowdsourcing) and to monitor the progress of the repair of the leakage. The technology will highlight the location and time of leaks in the water network by taking a picture, generated information will provide Miyahuna with real-time notifications to ensure that O&M teams are notified when a leak is detected, and have response time reported when teams are on reported location.

  • The scope has been expanded to be able to:
  1. Report a wastewater leakage (or source of contamination)
  2. Report an illegal connection
  3. Enable people to monitor their water consumption and bill status
  4. Technicians can follow-up on their Tasks
  5. Access Complaints database by those authorized


The key deliverables are outlined as follows;

  • Deliverable 1: Design and develop the components of the Water Watch phone application (software, linkages to database, alarm system, and response time detector)
  • Deliverable 2: Develop a first release pilot application of the Water Watch to be tested in linkage with Miyahuna database in the Middle Governorates. In addition to, Pilot the technology at all middle Governorates of Miyahuna through the central operation unit in Miyahuna headquarter offices in Amman.
  • Deliverable 3: Incorporate feedback into the technology and finalize the development, including bug fix and maintenance.
  • Deliverable 4: Develop an Operation manual for the technology (installation, requirements, operation, and updating).


Education: First university degree in social work, human rights, international law or another related degree, or equivalent programming experience.

Work experience: At least 1 year of experience in Development of mobile App 

The identified team has been involved with UNICEF through a hackathon for developing technologies under UNICEF mentoring and support to develop the required application. The problem of water leakage detection and handling been identified by UNICEF, the application is expanded to include other necessary features and services handled by Miyahuna. UNICEF will be facilitating the communication with Miyahuna to ensure access to a database of complaints and notification on detected water leakages and other features as in the scope of work.