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In Malawi, Inter Aide launched its first activities in 1992. In 2011, a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program was implemented in the rural district of Phalombe, located in the south east of Malawi. Agriculture and Health programs are also implemented by Inter Aide in this district. The aim of the WASH program is to reduce the spreading of diarrheal diseases. This program is based on the following components:

  • Training of rural communities on hygiene and prevention of diarrheal diseases;
  • Improvement of sanitation for families: construction of family latrines;
  • Improvement of access to safe water for the rural communities: construction/rehabilitation of protected water points (mainly boreholes and wells);
  • Capacity building of community based organizations and committees to support families and ensure the maintenance of the equipment built.

Moreover, Inter Aide set up and developed water points maintenance services in several districts. They aim at allowing the rural communities to durably maintain their water points. As part of the WASH program, and in partnership with the local NGO BASEDA, since 2013 these services have progressively developed in Phalombe District. They include:

  • Setting up and reinforcement of a network of area mechanics, offering maintenance services to the rural communities: repairs, hand pump security systems and trainings;
  • Development and strengthening of a network of private rural retailers, reselling pump spare-parts;
  • Progressive sustainability of the networks, through the involvement of the public Water Departments (monitoring of the area mechanics) and the local private operators (spare-parts supply chain).

Inter Aide is currently looking for an experimented full-time Program Manager to replace the current WASH Program Manager who will leave is position in May 2018. The mission of the Program Manager is to ensure the success, the expansion and the sustainability of the program.


She/he will be the only expatriate of the program and will refer to the Area Managers who are based in France. As a start, She/he will be based in Mwanga (small village located in the north of the District of Phalombe), and will, in a second phase, be based in the South-East of the district (1h-drive of the current location) where it is planned to progressively transfer the activities mid-2018. She/he will regularly visit the different intervention areas. Her/his main responsibilities will be to continue and extend the on-going actions, to improve the strategy of intervention, and ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the program.

Her/his responsibilities will be the following:

  • Pursue the program implementation and the improvement of the program’ components
  • Ensure the progressive transfer of activities in a new area of intervention located in the south-east of the district;
  • Ensure the collaboration and complementarity of the actions with the program implemented by the local NGO BASEDA in Zomba, the Food Security and Health programs implemented by Inter Aide in Phalombe and the other local stakeholders
  • Actively collaborate with local authorities (District Water Department and Health Office) to increase their involvement and the implementation and sustainability of the actions
  • Ensure the monitoring and the evaluation of the actions, including data collection, surveys, analysis and maps
  • Supervision and training of the program local team (around 20 people)
  • Conduct and follow administrative procedures needed for the program
  • Follow and improve the internal program procedures and organize logistic issues
  • Ensure the financial management of the program: budget, accountability and monthly fund requests
  • Prepare operational and financial reports to be shared with the Area Managers and Finance Officers based in France
  • Document the lessons learned and the good practices


  • University degree in WASH or related fields: hydrology, geology, civil-work
  • First professional experience mandatory, preferably in a developing country
  • Experience in human resources
  • Capacities to live and work in a remoted and rural areas
  • Autonomy and aptitude for field work
  • Ability to work with and support a local partner
  • Diplomacy, ability to delegate and negotiation skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Driving licence


  • VSI (possible evolution)
  • Moral commitment of 2 years expected
  • Net pay of 1,144 € per month (13 months a year) + living stipend
  • Complete social security + repatriation insurance + 1 Flight Return trip each year
  • Possibility of departure as a couple with voluntary implication of partner in program

Post to be taken up mid-April 2018

The selection of applicants will be processed as and when they are received. Applications with CV’s exceeding 2 pages will not be taken into consideration.

Please forward CV + LM under reference EHA/PLB to [email protected]

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