Support Partnership and Resource Mobilisation Team (and general internship programme)

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

GWP Internship – Partnership & Resource Mobilization

GWPO’s Partnership and Resource Mobilization (PRM) unit provides critical contributions to the overall aim of ensuring GWP as an organization fit for future, providing IWRM related services and solutions that are relevant to address challenges and opportunities for country- and global water related agendas (Agenda 2030, UNFCCC COP, Addis Ababa, Sendai). It also supports GWP’s Regional Water Partnerships (RWP) in their resource mobilization efforts.

Main tasks

1. Support to GWP’s Private Sector Engagement Strategy

Private sector’s contributions to achieving water security for all is vital.

In consultation with key stakeholders and partners, GWP has begun the initial stages of scoping GWP’s Private Sector Engagement Strategy: a GWP-wide cross cutting strategy seeking to formalize how GWP can help the private sector deliver and scale their contributions to the water security for all agenda.

The intern will support the development of GWP’s private sector engagement strategy. Tasks include:

  • Research around themes related to the private sector engement strategy
  • Drafting proposal and communications materials around the private sector engagement strategy
  • Data analysis from GWP’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework and database to feed the private sector engagement strategy

2. General support to Partnerships and Resources Mobilization

In addition to the above, is envisaged that the intern will provide general support to the broader Partnerships and Resources Mobilization efforts according to need. Potential tasks include:

  • Development and population of PRM tools, including donors mapping and power mapping documents
  • Case-specific research, analysis and writing to support PRM activities at the GWPO Secretariat and throughout GWP’s network
  • Development of PRM-related communications materials, including Powerpoints, reports, and social media content

If interested to apply to this internship or to GWP’s on-going general internship programme, please click on the link above.