Emergency Programme Manager (WASH)

Dublin, , IE


  • 2 year Full Time Fixed Term Contract
  • Unaccompanied position
  • 8 weeks annual leave increasing to 10 weeks after completion of first year + R+R where applicable
  • 3 weeks home-based work
  • All Surge Team members must be available to deploy overseas within 24 hours of being requested to deploy          

Job location: Members of Concern’s Surge Team will be deployed to various Concern country programmes for varying time periods ranging from four weeks up to six months. If not deployed, team members will work from home.

Job Purpose:

 To respond quickly and flexibly to new emergency situations and to provide technical advice and support to Concern’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure projects, in order to improve the quality and sustainability of these projects.

Concern Worldwide, as part of its emergency and development activities, engages in various WASH projects. This role focuses mainly on supporting WASH infrastructure but may be required to support other types of infrastructure projects, depending on the skills of the selected candidate, such as camp based shelter,  road, school or clinic construction.
To fill appropriate gaps in non-emergency programmes and existing chronic emergencies and may involve deployments in a specialist advisory as well as programme management capacity.

Key Responsibilities:
Emergency response:
• Participate in emergency assessments.
• Plan and implement infrastructure/WASH/technical aspects of emergency response and recovery projects.
• Develop action plans to ensure timely and effective delivery of engineering/WASH support and other programme components as needed.
• In association with logistics staff, advise on procurement and distribution of engineering and/or WASH materials and on-site and store management.
• Assist Concern and partner staff on technical project design, the supervision of on-going works, and adherence to legal, contractual and professional standards.

• Ensure that standards of technical quality for our engineering interventions are in line with good international practice and are appropriate to the operating context.
• Ensure that any design elements of the intervention are appropriate to requirements and meet good practice standards.
• Provide technical advice and support to all programme teams in planning and budgeting of construction activities, including supporting the development or assessment of engineering designs and approving these where appropriate.
• Ensure that, in all WASH/engineering interventions, robust contracts consistent with good practice (e.g. FIDIC) are developed and adhered to in a manner consistent with organisational standards and processes.
• Support staff or partners with contract tendering and contractor selection and other aspects of contract management as requested.
• Provide technical support to field staff for their community mobilisation work related to construction, the management of infrastructure and the promotion of hygiene and sanitation.
• Explore and promote innovative approaches to address engineering needs of our programme responses.

Administration, Finance, Logistics and HR Systems:
• Manage the required HR, Logistics, Finance and Administration functions.
• Ensure full contractual management of any relevant projects.
• Ensure that line managed staff are adequately supported and receive regular performance development reviews in line with Concern policy and procedures.
• Ensure core Concern policies including the Programme Participant Protection Policy and Concern Code of Conduct are upheld by all members of the team, ensuring that all staff and partners are informed of and trained on the various policies and report actual or suspected cases of breaches to the SMT for action.

• Conduct reviews at field level of WASH/engineering work when requested.
• Provide support to field teams to develop systems for monitoring the operation, maintenance and management of infrastructure.

Ensure consistency with Concern’s policies, strategies, etc.:
• Ensure that construction projects are designed in such a way as to reduce risk and vulnerability and inequalities among the beneficiary population and that disaster risk reduction issues are considered.
• Provide support to field teams in writing and/or reviewing funding proposals and donor reports.

Networking role:
• Develop and manage relationships with engineering groups or other networks globally that can provide technical support to Concern programmes.
• Represent Concern in various engineering/WASH-related consortia, fora, clusters, working groups and conferences where appropriate.

Training and capacity development:
• Conduct site visits as requested to build the performance capacity of Concern’s WASH/engineering staff.
• Develop and/or provide input to guidance manuals, and technical or policy documents as needed.

Support Functions:
Assist in the recruitment and training of engineering field staff as requested.

Skills and Experience Required:
• Chartered Civil Engineering (preferred) or other relevant engineering qualification.
• At least 5 years of professional experience in the field of civil engineering (or similar) including WASH, logistics and supply work and in emergency response.
• Significant contract development and management experience.
• At least three years of experience with NGOs or other agencies in low income countries on hardware components associated with WASH.
• Experience in training and capacity building of local contractors, technicians, government technical staff and working with community groups, etc.
• Understanding of the role of quality assurance and advisory functions and how they link and contribute to overall programme quality.
• Good collaboration and interpersonal skills with local, national and civil society stakeholders.
• Excellent report writing skills.
• Word processing and Excel skills, AutoCAD proficiency.


• Training/post graduate qualification in contract management and use of participatory methods – assessment/ management and monitoring, etc.
• Contract management experience with managing large scale WASH and infrastructure projects.
• Experience in construction of non-WASH infrastructure in developing country settings such as schools, health clinics and roads.
• Fluency in French